King accumulates skin fragment, should exchange many ordinary skin?Keep it for a good skin

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Basically see individual be fond of bar, feel which skin looks strong change which bai, follow the heart go not wrong, this benevolence benevolence benevolence wisdom of the different opinions.If you like not like ordinary skin, then you save more pieces, exchange 288, can also pass diamond lottery, with crystal exchange skin, the skin inside is also very good.In a word, what you pay for is what you get, and this truth has always been the same, especially in games. If you want to have a good game experience, you should pay more for it. There are not many common heroes for everyone, so you should only buy the ones you like.Just play with it.How good the skin looks for a long time there is nothing special, and 88 really can not insist on saving.Saved a second ask myself I can not insist on it, or more exchange a few ordinary skin, this also want to see yourself, if you like to play with special effects of the kind of skin you change epic skin, if not so pay attention to special effects what you can exchange a few ordinary skin.Personal opinion: it is suggested to exchange some of their favorite and good at hero skin, high quality, high quality skin to give you feel and operation of the skin blow, will be much better than ordinary skin, maybe, you did not like the hero to buy the skin will play.If you are simply a skin collector then I have nothing to say, exchange your favorite hero skin, want to collect skin is a different matter, for example, some players like themselves, everyone wants their hero to have a skin, and some players like poetry level skin, each has his own taste.Of course, the attributes of the skin, the feel of the skin, and the level of appearance all play a role.If you don’t want to save money, you can slowly accumulate skin fragments and exchange them for an epic skin. If you don’t want to save money, you can also exchange them for a 28 skin.Epic skin is much cooler!Recommend to exchange epic skin, but if those epic skin heroes you do not like to play, it is necessary to consider whether to change, we all know that no matter how good resources are not used are equal to 0, non-krypton gold players, not money players must not care about the skin, more care about the skin bonus of a point of attribute.Level 4 top 10 damage is still necessary, so it is recommended to change to normal skin for skin attributes.Krypton gold players, here is more arbitrary, rich capricious, do not have to tangle.Dedicated players, who play only a few heroes, are advised to exchange the epic skin of the corresponding hero, since no other hero can play it anyway.If there are new heroes who are interested, you can initially redeem 288 skins.Ordinary shard skin is just a transitional period, epic skin is more worth starting with, depending on your preferences, if it is for the hero, basically choose epic level or directly buy the collector level;If it’s just a casual interest in a hero, it’s okay to buy a normal skin.It must be epic skin, ordinary skin effect is better than nothing, play which heroes against these heroes first!If you don’t play, you put your backpack.If you have a hero you like to play, you can change one. If you don’t have one or if you don’t have one, you can just wait.After all, it is also their own hard to save, I also saved skin fragments for a long time, want to change their ideal skin.How about this word, like which change which, but the video game boy don’t change, need too many pieces, you like to change almost, then change that.If it is to play for a long time, or epic skin bar, do not go back, exchange for ordinary skin, to the later or to exchange for epic skin.