Do you have a lot of affairs around you

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What is the best love is to be like that young man thought is depend on each other and are independent of each other, with age increasing, after I’ve seen a lot of things start to become confused, seen close love, also seen one side, relying on the other side of the love, no matter what the form of love, walk to the end all became board, cheating is the norm,What hasn’t gone off the rails is not enough temptation.Tell me what you’ve seen. I’ll tweak it a little to protect your privacy, but it’s mostly true. If there’s a difference of opinion, follow what you say.Often in Yunnan guichuan business trip, see more people, hear more stories, first say a girl’s story.It was a county near the border, and due to the temporary increase in work, the business trip time also increased to a month, so I made some new friends in the local, including the girl in her early twenties.Her husband’s job is to open the excavator, sometimes in big infrastructure projects, construction crews to follow in the mountains for half a year, two people get married is very small, also have their own children, normally the husband on a business trip outside, all the year round as a wife should take good care of the child in the home, especially a lot of time to pay attention to avert suspicion, but in fact not the case.For some time, the local new friends very enthusiastic, often cried out to have dinner in the evening, she also in that day, I’ve looked at to more than 9 points, so the proposal everybody dispersed to bed early, so that the family worry, so their home and return to quarters after a friend arranged for singing, go after receiving my downstairs to the site, not for a moment I didn’t think she actually came also,At that time, several of us looked at each other in surprise, because no one called her, she said to come to say hello to us because we were singing here, and we played together until the early morning, my friend took us to have a midnight snack, she also want to go, and finally eat and do not know where to go.We do not know whether she went back that day, nor did we ask, but the only thing we know is that both the parents of the couple were in the countryside, and the child of about 3 years old was at home alone that night.The girl’s character is bad, more disorderly, her husband would know, but because of all the year round in the outside has been no evidence, anyway, go home and rest when you looked at his wife, every day to work with, from work to go home, see the very strict, actually this kind of thing it is to look at the can eliminate the strict, a lot of people said that child and her husband doesn’t look like, it is impossible to evaluate.Let me tell you another boy story.The first half of the story is very inspiring and warmth, friends I met on the job, behind the kindred spirits, and more than ten years older than me, he had seen, the wife when we eat very duty very dependable, of course, because of the bore three children, figure has contorts the appearance, not beautiful, he also will be mentioned in many occasions is grateful his wife,Accompany him from nothing when he was young to now successful career, the most difficult time even accompany him to carry cement sand on the construction site, every time when talking about these, a big man will shed tears.However, the actual situation is that I only know that I have raised a third and fourth child, and had another child with one of them. At the end of last year, I opened a shop for one of them. At that time, I privately invited some good friends to have dinner together, asking us to take care of them.I don’t know if his wife knows these things, I think it should be vaguely know, after all, no matter how do not go out at home to be a housewife, it is impossible not to feel the change of her husband, may think that it is not easy for two people to survive together for so many years, as long as the husband comes home.Think very seriously also do not know the reason, may be related to the circle, if stay in an honest circle, should also not derailed, the so-called environment changes people.