After the outbreak of the epidemic in Shanghai, a Shanghai university doctoral student experience

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Recently, every bit of the epidemic in Shanghai has touched the hearts of all parties concerned.One party is in trouble, p plus support!We see medical team members from all over the world are flying to Rescue Shanghai, we also see students in Shanghai with their own positive attitude to overcome difficulties.The author of this article is a post-90s PhD student in a Shanghai university. With her delicate perspective and time axis, she truly shared her own experience and feelings in the epidemic.Through her words, we also seem to see the daily life of students in Shanghai under the epidemic. We sincerely hope that the epidemic will pass as soon as possible, and wish every student happiness and safety. Let’s cheer for Shanghai!The epidemic has been going on for nearly a month in Shanghai, and the number of asymptomatic infections has exceeded 10,000 per day in recent days.This wave of epidemic affects the hearts of countless people, and our campus, also gradually quiet down.As a college student in Shanghai, I have been receiving concerns from my family and friends recently, asking about the epidemic situation in Shanghai and urging them to take precautions.In the short term, Shanghai has also been hit hard by the epidemic. Both medical and daily supplies are in short supply. People of different classes, industries and districts are living in different ways.Next, I will talk about the epidemic in Shanghai from the perspective of a student in Shanghai. Strictly speaking, it is how I survived the epidemic under the leadership of my school.On March 5th, there were confirmed and asymptomatic infected persons in the area where our school is located.Around March 7th, some residential areas around our school have been sealed off. I greeted my tutor who lives near the school and then continued activities on campus.On March 9, due to the outbreak of the epidemic in Shanghai, ON my way to the library for self-study in the early morning, I saw other students wearing masks, so I took out my mask and put it on and went to the library.In less than two hours, the school suddenly notified the library to close, and all students returned to their dormitories and did not leave the building unless they bought meals.From then on, the school closed the school only in, and began to recruit volunteers to maintain the nucleic acid order, packed lunch, mobile group, etc. I click the registration link, but the quota is limited, fierce competition, failed to register.From March 10th to 11th, there was a confirmed case in the school, and some abnormal buildings were sealed off. Take-out and express delivery gradually stopped.Next week have someone confirmed and asymptomatic infections occur, on March 12, control all dormitories, students in situ stay in the dormitory, from thousands of teacher catering to the dormitory building, the defence will school last some take-away food for the students to the dormitory building, at the same time, the school launched online counseling as well as the corresponding radio, lectures.On March 13, the mode of three meals being fed was started. At about seven o ‘clock in the morning, we received the breakfast from the volunteer teachers, waited for nucleic acid preparation, and went back to the dormitory. The dormitory administrator aunt helped each student to enter the dormitory.On March 14th, three meals a day were fed for free. Nucleic acid was continued. There were abnormal tests in the building I was in.On March 15, the school distributed N95 masks, gel hand sanitizer, ordinary masks, disinfection spray, lianhua disinfectant, gloves, alcohol, protective clothing, masks and other epidemic prevention materials to us. In the morning, middle and evening, we continued to receive timely feeding from “Baymax” teacher and nucleic acid, and received epidemic prevention materials donated by a college and its parents.In order to facilitate students and teachers to study and research during the epidemic, the school subsidized a large amount of traffic.There are abnormal students in our building who have been taken away. From now on, the building control has been upgraded. When receiving hot water, one person will queue downstairs in turn.At 1:00 am on March 16th, a teacher came to sterilize. Nucleic acid was continued in the morning and sterilized again in the afternoon. Donated kits were received and sterilized again at 11:00 PM.On March 17th, in addition to the delivery of meals, the school also received effervescent tablets and sanitary products from the school. Nucleic acid was sent after lunch and sterilizing in the afternoon. Some people in our building appeared red code, and eventually some people were taken away.On March 18, nucleic acid was eliminated in the morning and at noon and evening, anti-epidemic courses were forwarded in the group, fruits and other daily necessities were ordered, and cakes, lunch meat, milk, ham sausage, instant noodles and sanitary products were donated by alumni in addition to meals. In the evening, the school announced the good news of zero growth in key areas of nucleic acid testing.March 19-20, nucleic acid and sterilization for two consecutive days, in addition to three meals, milk, bread, mandarin and effervescent tablets and other love supplies.Two rounds of nucleic acid tests were all negative on March 21. The bathroom was resumed and free hot water was provided to continue disinfection.On the morning of March 22, the volunteer teachers continued to feed us three meals, and received pepper sauce, brown sugar and ginger tea, hand sanitizer, ethanol disinfectant, small garbage bags and other supplies. We could take turns using public washing machines, and the campus continued to maintain a zero-clearing situation.On March 23rd, part of the school building began to be unsealed, but our building was abnormal. We are waiting for the unsealing and continue to destroy.The school sent us bananas and volgamot with our meal.In addition, still can be unified by oneself order partial fruit.From March 24 to 26, we delivered three meals. We received masks, alcohol spray, sandwich bread, biscuits and other supplies, as well as oranges and tangerines donated by the alumni Association. We continued to eliminate the virus, but the nucleic acid was still there.Received the gift package of snacks from the college on March 27.Three meals were delivered on March 28. We received eurobags, apples, potato chips, Oreo cookies, garlic sauce, instant noodles and other love materials.On March 29, three meals were delivered. Nucleic acid tests were conducted in the morning. The school provided help to students with chronic diseases who needed ruijin drugs.On March 30, the building I was in was finally unsealed, but I continued to destroy the building, waiting for nucleic acid, and began to buy meals by myself and go out for exercise.School our school is a formal letter on March 9th, then seal floor recruiting volunteer teachers for schools to tens of thousands of people to send rice, accumulative total to millions of times, and ensure the basic life and avoid cross infection cases, while constantly nucleic acid detection screening, spent more than 10 days, under the joint efforts between teachers and students, and finally realize the campus, to ensure the safety of the campus, there is still a tight leash,Regular organization of nucleic acid and elimination, continue to maintain a good situation.Here, I also hope that the epidemic in Shanghai will improve, clear up as soon as possible, and enjoy the spring scenery outdoors.