With only a photo of a 3-year-old boy, how can police use new technology to bring a boy home who has been missing for 23 years?

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The 2022 Spring Festival was a special occasion for the Shen family in Shanggao County, Jiangxi Province. The couple’s long-lost son, Shen Shuquan, was found and returned to Shanggao county on the eve of the Spring Festival to spend the Spring Festival with his biological parents. It was also a reunion for the Shen family for 23 years.This reunion, Shen Father shen mother also invited a special guest – Jiangxi Province public Security Bureau Interpol police technology three director Zhu Ycan, it is the Zhu police officer, through the portrait technology will be Shen Shuquan back.Recently, the reporter followed Zhu Ycan came to Shanggao County, record this reunion moment.”This year, my son Shuquan came home for the Spring Festival. Our family has been looking forward to this day for 23 years.”In Shanggao County Shenshuquan home, mother Yan Youxiang eyes red, voice choked to say.His son, Shen Shuquan, hugged his mother’s shoulders.On February 27, 1998, the couple’s 4-year-old son, Shen Shuquan, was taken away from kindergarten by two men and trafficked to Hui ‘an County, Fujian Province after being moved around many places.The two suspects were arrested by the Public Security Bureau of Shanggao County and sentenced to death by the court.Unfortunately, as the suspects refused to account for the whereabouts of the abducted, the police were left with only the clue that the abducted children may have been sold to Fujian.”His mother and I traveled all over Fujian carrying hundreds of pounds of search documents.”Up to now, father Shen Chungen still clearly remember the way to find the wandering and helpless.But in the search for Shen Shuquan on the road, Shen Chungen husband and wife are not alone, over the years, Jiangxi Provincial Public Security Department Interpol team, Shanggao County public Security Bureau will be hanging in the heart of this case…”We have to contact Old Shen at least once a year to make sure his phone works and keep him updated.”Shanggao County public Security Bureau Interpol brigade in charge told reporters, 23 years, brigade police to help Shen family to find a son like “baton” general, a baton then passed down.In November 2021, the good news came from the Jiangxi Provincial Police Detective Corps. The corps’ technology department through portrait identification technology found Shen Shuquan who had been abducted for 23 years in Hui ‘an County, Fujian Province.”When they called me, mum Tree Spring and I couldn’t believe it and even thought it was a scam for a while.”Shen Chungen told reporters, looking for a son for many years, they had too much expectation, but ultimately are disappointed.Until the Shanggao County Public Security Bureau Interpol brigade informed Shen Chungen again, the couple fully believed that their son Shuquan really found.On January 28 this year, Shen Shuquan returned to his biological parents for the first time after being abducted 23 years ago. “Shuquan used to be my little follower and follower, but now he has finally come back.”Sister Shen Ling was very happy to see her brother.Let more love home to see a family reunion, aside zhu Ycan heart is also very moved.It is the zhu police officer, through portrait comparison technology will find Shen Shuquan.To thank Zhu for his help, Shen Shuquan called Zhu Ycan and invited him to his home for a family reunion dinner.On October 13, 2021, Zhu Ycan compared the cross-age portrait of shen Shuquan, a three-year-old missing child, and found that it was highly similar to zhang’s portrait in Quanzhou, Fujian Province. Through research, it was found that there was a sister in her family who was born in 1994 with Zhang’s birth date less than three months apart.To this end, Zhu Ycan decided to take blood samples of Zhang, and finally, through DNA comparison, confirmed zhang and Shen Shuquan’s parents for kinship, confirmed zhang is abducted and missing 23 years of Shen Shuquan.”It’s hard work, but I think it’s meaningful.”Looking at the shen Shuquan family happy reunion, Zhu Ycan was very moved, he told reporters, Shen Shuquan is his use of “cross-age portrait comparison technology” to find the first abducted children, the next step, he will continue to study the use of this technology, so that more “love” home.(New Legal Daily Chen Jichang Liu Ping)