TheShy picked out the wine barrel bully, one fight two detail counterkill easy escape, WBG won six straight

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Hello LPL viewers and League of Legends summoners, this is the World of Games.In The just-concluded LPL spring racing game, WBG team with powerful hard power easily defeat in The second inning UP teams, scored six games, competitions, The Shy to select single cask, bully a crocodile in The early success, for two consecutive waves ueno playing with each other, but in The process of sent two waves because of happy game, to win a very easy way.WBG’s best and most consistent performance in the game was down the road, where Hwan bong took off early with a variety of line kills to help his team win their sixth straight game.First, let’s briefly talk about The situation of BP in game 2. In this game, WBG presented a very solid lineup, with Wind-up Epelius as The double C, The upper secondary selected tanks and played wild Bobby. Overall, it was a late team lineup with less rhythm ability.The goal should be to win with hard power.UP selected the crocodile man with relatively strong combat ability in the mid-term, and the aircraft explosive pack also had strong combat ability. The next road was matched with a golden combination of golden silk hammer stone.At The beginning of The game, WBG directly planned a wave of uano invading The wild area and H4cker played a good effect, but then H4cker launched two waves of Gank in succession. The first wave was aimed at The clockwork failure and did not even force The flash, and The second wave was aimed at The Shy, who killed a person directly against The line and easily escaped.The Shy gave The wine barrel a big advantage on The road. Meanwhile, WBG also directly attacked The line kill on The next road. After bobby’s support, WBG directly crossed The tower and killed Jinx.Hwan Bong won The game with explosion C, but The Shy fell off his game on The road and was forced to finish a single kill in front of The crocodile after level 6. The Shy also lost a lot of troops. After that, WBG continued to finish a line kill on The next road, and then another wave of down road and over The tower, hwan Bong went 3-0 in 10 minutes.UP and down all starts are 0-2.UP didn’t agree with him. Danye Gank again but was replaced by The Shy, which didn’t make any money.In The process, Hwan-bong tore down The tower crazily, and then The Shy started to play happily. The UP team took The opportunity to kill Bobby again. The score was 4-7 with a good rhythm, but Hwan-bong had already demolished three defense towers, so The advantage was still very large.In 17 minutes, UP team canyon Pioneer tore down the middle tower and opened the group first to play 0 for 3. At this time, the game had basically lost suspense.After 21 minutes, The WBG group successfully captured The Big Dragon, followed by The auxiliary group opening, The Shy circle came into The field, and killed one player in a wave of group battle. Then The WBG team took The small dragon.After 25 minutes, WBG team won the match with a group victory after two successive waves of advance.WBG team had six straight after The game ended, WBG team has scored six wins in a row, and round about this, individual for The Shy and have a new view, to be honest standing on The perspective of an audience, is think The Shy in this year’s spring has been on The rise is The state, and has recently been faint has to return to The peak of power.In the first game, he won the MVP with the male gun. He was caught many times but never died and won the game in a very easy way. In the second game, he played with the opposing team’s uano combination with a wine barrel.Not only is He in good form, but his confidence is back.In this season, The Shy will have The opportunity to unlock all The details that he hasn’t been able to complete with his teammates while communicating seamlessly with The team. Let’s look forward to The performance of The Shy and see if he can return to his peak level.WBG is one of the few LPL teams with no weaknesses, but I think WBG has no weaknesses in the CURRENT LPL. If they continue their winning streak, it is estimated that the LPL spring team can be locked into the top three, and even try to reach the top two.