The reverse master teaches you how to fall in love with your work and become successful

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To ordinary people, the goals of standing at the top, changing history, being the best are elusive and unattainable.For us, to be able to live a happy life is success.What is a happy life?In terms of time, work occupies most of our disposable time, happy work, life is an angel;Work is a pain, life is a hell.It can be said that most of the pain and happiness of unmarried people come from work, which is why so many “small-town practitioners” sometimes flee Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and sometimes return to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.If someone told you that they could teach you how to make work fun, love it, and be successful, would you learn it?Falling in love with your work and having fun with it is not a myth, but the personal experience of an old-school Japanese for more than 30 years.Matsuura Yitaro, the author of “Beyond Expectations — Matsuura Yitaro’s Life Management Principles”, is a genuine Japanese grassroots class, who once saved the famous Japanese magazine “Life Hand Post” with the gesture of airborne knight.After that, he kept breaking through and moved to an IT company completely unrelated to his previous job, which also achieved brilliant results.Matsuura gained valuable life lessons in decades of work as he rose from humble high school dropout to entrepreneur, corporate savior and serial innovator.These experiences honed in the long life and work are condensed into the essence of this small book, so that the next generation of us can be helpful in the future.Yitaro Matsuura is familiar with the Asian culture of restraint and understatement, but it can be bad for performance in the workplace.It’s not just the workplace. Even in college, many people don’t like to sit in the front of a class.This kind of behavior and posture is not conducive to professional and interpersonal communication.Successful people often build a successful personal IP first.Mention Dong Leijun, people think of Xiaomi, mention Ren Zhengfei, people think of Huawei.It’s hard to tell whether the product and the company make them what they are, or whether they make the product and the company, because the company is as inseparable as their own flesh and blood.”Exceeding Expectations — Matsuura Yitaro’s Business Principles for Life” tells readers to establish their own brand at work and in sales, which is helpful for the smooth progress of work.As a salesman, in fact, it is not the transition between the producer and the user of the product, selling personal IP, can be empowered for the product.Customers buy products, but what they buy is not only the product, they need, but also the personalized service of the salesman, and they pay not only money, but also their personal trust to the salesman.Failure is an Opportunity Failure is often painful, but successful people are willing to make failure a path to success.In the popular variety show Talk Show Convention in recent years, many artists have used their “tricks failed” to create their designs, and even Zhao Xiaohui surprised the audience with her “elimination speech”.For them, failure is not only a real opportunity, but also a flow that can be monetized, a switch that can evoke an audience.It is such to flow star, also is such to big man of business circle, Shi Yuzhu, Luo Yonghao pays off debts hundreds of millions, Chu Shijian makes a comeback kind of orange, did they fail?Of course not. I’m just kidding. If you can get out of a big hole, you’re a hero.For ordinary people, too, it’s how you look at failure, how you react to it, and how you capitalize on it that determines the efficiency and scale of your success.Some people fail in the college entrance examination and become a nail in the nail in the college entrance examination after ten years of specializing in training.If you try enough and fail enough, success will follow.Three, do not sacrifice the interests of the other party this actually teaches not how to succeed, but how to defend success.Many people get through the darkness before success, but they have no virtue to enjoy the results. They make their own decisions and let success destroy them.Most people use the jungle law so well that when they are in a position of dominance, they do everything they can to get bitten.Some companies take advantage of their monopoly position to reduce costs and raise prices in various ways.For example, there is an enterprise equipment bidding, do everything possible to introduce a number of companies, the final profit left to the other party is very thin, the possibility of loss is great.Later, due to the rise of raw materials, the other party could not perform the contract, which should be negotiated at this time to complete the contract as far as possible.However, the company was in a strong position and refused to give in. Finally, the other party used all means to fulfill the contract, and the quality of the equipment provided could not be guaranteed, which brought huge hidden trouble to the subsequent production.In fact, in real business cooperation, it is difficult for one party to gain and the other party to lose, and this kind of business ecology is unhealthy.If one party takes advantage of its strong position to squeeze its partners too much, it will eventually lead to the deterioration of the entire business ecosystem, and it will always be affected.Matsuura yitaro’s “Beyond Expectations — Matsuura Yitaro’s Life Management Principles” does not have much to teach, but is mostly based on the author’s own experience and experience.Through the study of this book, not necessarily to surpass the author’s achievements, but through the way to love the work, and finally obtain their own happiness