The new rules!Motorway “tortoise speed driving” also deduct points!Netizen: Very supportive

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For a long time, we are used to the education of “nine times out of ten accidents, fast”, but in fact, many accidents are caused by low speed driving, and too low speed also seriously affects the smooth road, causing more safety risks.The Measures for the Administration of Scoring Road Traffic Safety Violations will officially come into force on April 1, 2022.The biggest change is that the penalties for speeding offences are reduced and for the first time it is clear that driving below the minimum speed limit on expressways or city expressways will result in the loss of three points.Prior to the current revision, there were clear penalties only for speeding.There is no penalty for driving slow, which makes many drivers who like driving slow have nothing to fear.Some drivers even drive less than 80 kilometers per hour on the freeway.Expressway is important to improve traffic efficiency, according to the data of the Ministry of Transport, in June and July 2020, the total flow of national expressway is 1.7 billion vehicles, the average speed of expressway vehicles in 26 provinces is only 71km/h, of which the passenger car is 84km/h, truck is only 55km/h.If everyone improves traffic efficiency, over a billion highway trips can be made more efficient in just two months.At the same time, the traffic rate of urban expressways around the country will also be improved to a certain extent.Statistics show that logistics costs in China will account for 14.6% of GDP in 2021, while the proportion in transport developed countries is less than 10%.After the improvement of traffic efficiency, the proportion of national logistics costs in GDP can be reduced by 0.1%, which can bring economic benefits of more than 50 billion yuan.Driving at low speed on expressways not only reduces traffic efficiency, but also causes hidden danger to road safety.Low speed driving and random lane change often occur on expressways, resulting in traffic accidents.Drivers strictly follow the speed requirements of expressway, which will greatly improve road traffic safety.Xiaoxiang morning news reporter Hu Xiong original title: today, highway “turtle speed driving” also deducted points!Source: Xiaoxiang Morning Post