Digging wild vegetables in the gated community?Experts remind: there are security risks!

2022-06-19 0 By

This article was transferred from;Recently, the Internet began to spread some “lockdown control plot to dig wild vegetables strategy” “wild vegetables big map” guide citizens in the community green space to find wild vegetables.The article circulating on the Internet, the original intention is to popular science, but was gradually “packaged” into “lockdown control plot to dig wild vegetables”.According to statistics, there are about 120 kinds of wild vegetables in Shanghai.There are many varieties because consumers love, large consumption, such as shepherd’s purse, grass head, has been like vegetables, the scale, standardized planting for a long time.However, the growth environment and process of wild vegetables picked by citizens and tourists in the wild (including the community green space) and parks are not controllable, and their “life history” is not as traceable as that of artificially cultivated vegetables, so eating them has great safety risks.For example, wild vegetables grown in soils with high content of heavy metals are enriched with a certain amount of heavy metals, which may cause serious damage to human body if consumed in large quantities.For example, wild vegetables growing on the roadside may be damaged by automobile exhaust for a long time and contain high levels of carcinogens called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.Many parks and communities regularly spray herbicides and insecticides to control insect pests of ornamental plants or remove weeds around them. It is difficult for ordinary citizens to tell whether the wild vegetables they pick have been soaked with these harmful substances.Experts also pointed out that picking and eating wild vegetables actually has a higher botanical threshold, some toxic plants look like wild vegetables, do not have experience to see, hope that the lack of relevant knowledge and experience of the public do not “blind adulteration”.Otherwise, it can easily lead to diarrhea or poisoning.People are not advised to eat too much wild vegetables even if they know the origin and safety of wild vegetables.After eating a lot of wild vegetables, it is easy to cause gastrointestinal discomfort.Some wild vegetables contain allergenic substances, some people with special physical conditions may have itching, redness and other symptoms after eating a large number of them.When some wild vegetables are processed, if they are not soaked in water and blanched, their natural toxins are not removed, which will also affect the health of consumers.In addition to wild vegetables, some large green areas may also have agaric and wild fruits, it is also recommended not to pick and eat without authorization.The expert of Shanghai forestry branch expresses, agaric is the fungus kind food that parasitism goes up in tree, the nutrition that growth needs all comes from place parasitism tree.If the tree is not poisonous, then the growth of the fungus will absorb some of the toxins from the tree.For example, camphor wood, containing alkanes, phenols, alkenes and camphor ether and other components, have different degrees of toxicity and side effects on the human body, so the agaric wood on camphor wood cannot be eaten.Even if the poison does not grow from trees, when just picked, it is not edible, because it contains a substance called “porphyrin”, after eating, may cause itching, swelling of the skin, and even rash, blisters, edema and other symptoms.And wild fruits don’t have much edible value.Experts say undomesticated varieties can be burr, have an astringent taste and contain allergens when immature.The domesticated taste and shape will improve, and there will be fewer unpleasant substances.