Year common know how many | year three “red dog day”, early to bed late up to fill the spirit

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Qingyuan public security authority issued attention to get more alarm early in the morning of the third early in the morning of the second early in the third sleep a full unknowingly has arrived in the third of the third qingyuan New Year what customs do you know?On the third day of the New Year, people in Qingyuan call it “Red mouth” or “Poor ghost Day”. People burn firecrackers to send away the poor ghost early in the morning, which also means to dispel the “red mouth and white tongue” poison curse.On this day, firecrackers should be added salt, “salt” and “yan” homonym, is to get rid of gossip, commonly known as “tan Chi mouth”, the year to get along with people harmonious and friendly, no dispute.Mice and wed folklore grade is prepared “mouse” day in the evening, so generally the somebody else all lights go to bed early, in order to avoid disturbance of rats (some say night lights out early in order to make the mouse can’t see, can’t wed, in order to reduce the speed of its breeding), and in the corner on some grain of rice, cakes, eaten by rats, referred to as the “mouse cent”,To share a year’s harvest with a mouse.The origin of the story of “Rat marriage” may be because the third day is red Dog day, everything is not suitable, in order to avoid bad luck, so to go to bed early to find an excuse;Moreover, from the New Year to the first, the second day is also busy for a while, if you do not rest earlier, I am afraid that the physical strength will not continue, unable to finish other things;As for the Chinese New Year ballad said: early in the morning, early in the second day, the third day sleep a full, that is to say, the third day is not only red dog day, but also a few days of busy, to the third day, finally come to an end, you can get up late, make up for the first two days of sleep.Burning menshen paper old three day and night when the festival of pine and cypress branches and hung by the festival menshen door paper, etc., together with incineration to show that the year has been over, and to start a business.There is a common proverb, “burned door god paper, personal search physiology.”After all, only a good rest tomorrow can be in good spirits to pay New Year’s greetings!

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