Wu Dajing, who led the Chinese team to win the first gold medal, trained in Nanjing for two years

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Beijing, Feb. 5 (Chinamilong) — China’s short track speed skating team won the first gold medal in the 2000-meter mixed team relay on Sunday night, the first competition day after the Opening of the Winter Olympic Games.Wu Dajing, China’s leading short-track speed skater, who took the final leg of the race, played a steady performance in four consecutive races to give China a major contribution to the gold medal.A lot of people do not know is that Wu Dajing once in Nanjing Olympic Sports center ice rink training for two years, is in Nanjing training these two years, Wu Dajing from a less than 1.6 meters of young long to 1.8 meters tall.China’s short track speed skating team has always been the “ace in the hole” in China’s winter sports. Before this Winter Olympics, 10 of the 13 gold MEDALS won by The Chinese Winter Olympic team had come from short track speed skating.China won its first gold medal in the short track speed skating mixed team 2,000-meter relay, one of seven new events added to the Beijing Olympics.From the 2021-2022 short track Speed skating World Cup series, the mixed team relay is currently one of the most powerful events of the Chinese team, but also the most stable project of the Chinese team.China won two gold MEDALS, one silver medal and one bronze medal in the final of all four events, which made Chinese ice fans look forward to the competition on Friday night.The Chinese players in the final are Fan Kexin, Qu Chunyu, Ren Ziwei and Wu Dajing.The race was exciting and full of drama, the Chinese team started in the 4 teams in the third place, Qu Chunyu caught up with the second, Ren Ziwei caught up with the first, Fan Kexin played his strong strength to gradually expand the lead, Wu Dajing last time to overcome the pressure to cross the finish line first.In the middle of the race, Canada and Hungary crashed out of the track, but China was not affected. In the end, the four players won the gold medal with a perfect performance of zero error!After the game, the players are very excited, Wu Dajing and Fan Kexin shed tears, “these four years experience too much!”Wu dajing began to train in jiamusi amateur speed skating team at the age of 10, where he spent the first three years of skating.As a rookie, he was assigned to practice at 4 a.m., a ten-year-old who got up at 3 a.m. every day and didn’t miss a single session in three years.Wu’s first chance came when he was 13 years old and received an invitation from the Jiangsu short-track speed skating team.In order to prepare for the 11th National Games, Jiangsu has established the Jiangsu Short track Speed skating team and figure skating team, becoming the southernmost province in the field of competitive sports expanded by the winter Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of China’s “North Ice South Exhibition” strategy.The training base of both teams is in nanjing Olympic Sports Center ice rink.The Nanjing Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium was completed in 2005. Two ice rinks were designed here when it was built, one for multi-functional use in the main hall and one for special use as an ice rink in the deputy hall.The Olympic Ice Rink is the first professional ice rink south of the Yellow River in China. It once held the 10th National Games figure skating competition and became an important fulcrum of ice sports in the south of China.13-year-old Wu Dajing with the team in the Olympic sports training for 2 years, “impression of Nanjing Olympic sports ice rink conditions are very good”, after many years of recall, Wu Dajing for Nanjing training conditions are still full of good, is in Nanjing training for these two years, Wu Dajing height long more than 20 cm.However, in the winter events of the 2009 Shandong National Games, the Jiangsu short track Speed skating team had no success and was disbanded. The 26 members of the team were scattered to different places. Wu Dajing left Jiangsu and transferred to the Jilin Winter Management Center.In November 2010, Wu Dajing entered the national team, starting from the sparring partner, step by step “beat strange upgrade” become today’s “king”.However, as long as the jiangsu team talked about once, talked about the city of Nanjing, Wu Dajing is always full of gratitude, “thank Jiangsu team to receive me at that time, although not for a long time, but that was the most critical training period of my youth!”Nanjing Daily/Purple Mountain News reporter Ding Yuanyuan