Wang Yang, Zhang Kaili and Yu Zhen are among the three most underrated dramas in The world

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I have to say that the WORLD is one of the best shows of the year, with the cast telling us the joys and sorrows of the Zhou family in an affectionate way.It has to be admitted that each of the actors in the TV series This World is a classic performer, especially Wang Yang (As CAI Xiaoguang), Zhang Kaili (as Qu Xiuzhen) and Yu Zhen (as Luo Shibin), who give a face-lift to the show.This year, Wang Yang’s new TV series “This Life Has You” has just ended, followed by the opening of the year’s drama “The World” to see wang Yang handsome figure.In the TV series “This Life Has You”, Wang Yang played the role of “Sheng Fangting”, can be said to be full of scheming “revenge man”, wang Yang’s “Sheng Fangting” appeared, let the audience feel that this character is not simple, have to admire Wang Yang’s accurate grasp of the role.In the TV series in the world, Kevin love playing a “Zhou Rong” (Song Jiashi) for many years, “” spoony male” xiao-guang CAI, wang Yang in the play is a warm man role to perfection, “xiao-guang CAI” (Wang Yangshi) love “Zhou Rong (Song Jiashi) for many years,” looking at “Zhou Rong” fall in love, marriage, divorce,Has been silently guarding the heart of the goddess.After the person arrives middle age, CAI Xiaoguang (Wang Yang is acted the role of) keep cloud to open to see month Ming eventually, with “Zhou Rong” (Song Jia is acted the role of) went together, have to say Wang Yang is in this “human world” absolutely is a peerless good man.We find that Wang Yang’s eyes in The World have changed, from unfathomable to tender, almost a different person.Although actor Wang Yang has played a number two role in many TV series, we have found that the number two role wang Yang has played is usually very cost-effective. The character he plays in each series is different, and each role impresses the audience.”Patricia low” kaili zhang about-face in the “world”, from the virtuous wife into the iron lady mouth shut softhearted kaili zhang teacher figure appeared in the TV series “in the world, really make us feel very surprise, more surprises us is that this time the kaili zhang teacher plays the character” QuXiuZhen “really is different from her previous screen image.Zhang Kaili teacher will be “Qu Xiuzhen” the character of the simple, direct, integrity and good interpretation of incisively and vividly, especially infectious, “Qu Xiuzhen” (Zhang Kaili) treat work is a upright and impartial iron lady, treat the younger generation she is a good leader to encourage young people to work hard.Zhang Kaili teacher performance “Qu Xiuzhen” on the capable and true, through her interpretation, also better let the audience very three-dimensional to know “Qu Xiuzhen” this character, but also to understand “Qu Xiuzhen” respectable lovely side.It has to be said that Teacher Zhang Kaili played “Liu Huifang” 30 years ago has been deeply rooted in the hearts of many audiences, the image of teacher Zhang Kaili is the pronoun of gentle and virtuous.It can be said that Zhang Kaili teacher in “the World” as the fast-talking iron Lady image is very successful, she will “Qu Xiuzhen” this character is quite attractive, also let us remember zhang Kaili teacher play bone level acting in many roles.”Five secret Service group” “Ma Yunfei” In Zhen in the “World” villain “Luo Shibin” people did not expect to believe that a lot of audiences in see the “World” cast, must be on the role of Zhen yu are very looking forward to, but this time in the play played a villain, we did not think.After all, actor Yu Zhen has not played a villain for many years. It must be very challenging for him to play a villain in such a large TV series.Familiar to shock the audience must understand, in shock at the time of just step into show business, making a lot of villain, especially in the earthquake in the TV series “shaw eleven lang” plays the role of “free and unfettered hou”, until now we are impressed with that in the immersion performance of the shock at the time was playing the fearsome villain.Until 2007, Yu Zhen won the love and recognition of many audiences by playing the role of “Ma Yunfei” in the spy drama “Agent 5”. Yu Zhen also became the absolute leading actor in many Anti-Japanese War dramas.Shock, say so, the teacher after ten years again play the role of villain, and will, he played the role of “LuoShiBin” scenes in the play is not much, but we have to admit that the shock appearance has successfully attracted the audience’s eyes, his and mine better (act the role ofing Zhou Bingkun) there are many stars in the play,It’s really worth looking forward to seeing these two powerful actors on stage together.I have to admit that the roles played by Carrie Zhang, Wang Yang and Yu Zhen in “The World” did not make us recognize them for a while, and their plastic surgery acting is really wonderful, which can be called a shame on the show.# world ## Wang Yang ## Zhang Kaili ## TELEplay ## Film and TELEVISION chat # (pictures from the network, if there is a copyright, contact delete)