Foreign road to cancer without friends, but I must be strong to fight with my father lung cancer

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On September 15, 2021, my father’s physical examination report showed a space-occupying lesion in the right lower lobe of the lung. The mass was nearly 6.3*5 cm with irregular shape and shallow lobed boundary.The doctor at the local hospital said there was a high possibility of cancer.Direct surgery is recommended to remove the lower lobe of the right lung.At this time, I was still working in other places. After discussing with my father, I decided to go to Beijing to see a doctor.After 11, went straight to tumor hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, hanged the number of surgical expert, via evaluation doctor says basically affirmation is malignant tumor, as a result of right lung lower lobe position still can, can operate, but tumor is too big, the doctor says prognosis of direct operation is bad, survival period is not long……The sky collapsed and my head was buzzing!I’ve been neglecting lung tests for years, and I regret it, and I can’t say anything.I can’t accept it. I can’t describe my feelings at that time with words.The doctor was quite good, he said that surgery was not the goal, and suggested preoperative adjuvant treatment for two to three cycles. I also checked later, for patients in the middle and late stages, preoperative adjuvant treatment is beneficial to reduce the difficulty of surgery, reduce staging, and benefit the prognosis.The doctor also suggested us to enter the medical experimental group, but the entry requirements are very strict, through a variety of examinations to enter, the benefit of the entry is free of drug and treatment costs.We also don’t know much about, or more trust doctors, agreed to accept the group’s inspection before, then the specialist docking us, give us a lot of checks, including blood tests, pet – ct, brain imaging, and most importantly, biopsy pathologic examination, etc., the pathological results after preliminary judgment is tended to squamous cell carcinomas, immunohistochemical needs to be done to further determine the classification,Three days later, immunohistochemistry revealed lung squamous cell carcinoma.If it’s adenocarcinoma of the lung, we still need to do genetic testing. Fortunately, we don’t need genetic testing, we still need to wait two weeks to get the results, the disease varies from person to person, but lung squamous cell carcinoma basically has no genetic mutation unlike adenocarcinoma of the lung, there are targeted drugs to take.The treatment is still traditional chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and immunotherapy in recent years.Missed the opportunity for clinical inclusion. I was supposed to be admitted to the group on October 28 for treatment, but I failed to pass the last ecg examination, indicating arrhythmia.Due to the inclusion of apatinib and carrilizumab combined treatment, apatinib is very stimulating to the heart.I didn’t make the team.At that time the mood is really mixed feelings, discover occupy a half month, tumor is so big, still did not use medicine to control illness, really anxious dead!At this point the surgeon referred a physician for treatment.On November 8, I met with the physician, who was very capable. He gave us several blood tests and lung plain CT scan, and then asked us to wait for admission treatment. At that time, there were relatively few patients in the hospital due to the epidemic situation.The drug regimen was DRUG K + albumin paclitaxel + carboplatin.Compared with the standard treatment plan, this chemotherapy combined with immunization treatment plan also has a lot of data, and some patients said that this is also the gold combination in the treatment of lung squamous cell carcinoma.Now it seems that failed to enter the group is also a good thing, can choose the most suitable for their own and the best effect of the drug.Side effects can also be relatively small.Make it easier for dad.From a medical examination found to confirmed to the internal medicine treatment, this paragraph of time the mood is indescribable, don’t believe in the family from the start, can’t accept, to regret, anxiety, fear, mood out of control, then to slowly accept, after the medication treatment actively, suggested that constantly to their positive energy to collect some clinical cases of cr.Slowly, we began a brave fight against cancer.To be honest, my family was very nervous before chemotherapy. We used to watch the chemotherapy on TV. It was terrible, vomiting, pain, hair loss…I didn’t know dad was about to go through that.November 11, the first chemotherapy and immunotherapy, hospitalized on the same day, discharged on the same day, chemotherapy and immunotherapy finished in one day.Chemotherapeutic that day does not have what reaction, mood is much better with upper medicine.It’s like having reinforcements fighting the bad guy inside.Chemotherapy side effect basically has the following: it is throat dry dumb.Go home that day have throat dry hoarse, can not say the feeling of words, at that time also thought is to chat with the patient for a day, talk too much cause, the next day the throat foreign body feeling is obvious, and a little pain.Do homework to know that chemotherapy drugs stimulate mucous membrane, is a normal side effect.Increased cough and white sputum due to irritation of mucous membrane.Occasionally there are symptoms of chest tightness and shortness of breath.But on the fifth and sixth day, there was some relief.Two is mild nausea, loss of appetite.A few days after chemotherapy, I had a little nausea, and the doctor prescribed 466 yuan of aprepitan capsules for three antiemetics, which should be taken for three consecutive days.No nausea, no vomiting.After a few days slowly appetite up, eat more.Third, severe constipation.Constipation began the next day, usually in the morning defecation, after chemotherapy for three days did not defecate.We take about 10,000 brisk steps a day, and we still can’t move down, just can’t digest.I looked it up on the Internet, and it said you can eat lactulose, but it can’t be used for diabetes. My dad has mild diabetes, so he can’t use it.Also senna, but a doctor said to stimulate the stomach, my father had a bad stomach, also gave up.There are aloe vera capsules and Chinese medicine maren Runchang pills.I first bought the maren Runchang pills, using the effect is relatively slow, many hours to have a laxative effect, Chinese medicine is relatively slow, but you can see the effect, if not good, ready to try aloe capsule.Four is stomach distension indigestible, stomach pain acid reflux.My father has a serious gastric ulcer, old stomach disease for many years, plus the chemotherapy drugs themselves stimulate gastric mucosa, so it is particularly uncomfortable, asked the doctor tube bed, she suggested to take buloprid and omeprazole to see if it can alleviate.Five is dizzy head bilges, blood pressure is unstable.Dad has hypertension for more than 10 years, but has been well controlled, take antihypertensive drugs, high pressure has been stable in more than 130, because of the influence of chemotherapy drugs is late on the headache, a blood pressure of about 110.Six is the face and neck are very red.I feel like I have a fever, but my temperature is normal.I looked it up online, and it looks like there’s a small amount of dexamethasone in the chemo.I think it’s a side effect of dexamethasone.But the fourth day was fine.Seven is bone marrow suppression.Carboplatin is said to be extremely bone marrow suppressive.Leukocyte and neutrophil drop continuously, to the 16th day has dropped to the doctor’s advice on the need for an injection of numerical value, hurriedly hung the hospital emergency, hit a shot of White, short-effect white needle.Platelets were stable until about 200, but by day 20, 127, they were down quite a bit.But no shots are needed for now.Eight is hair loss.After two weeks, hair started to fall out.I bought a clipper. I shaved my dad’s head.I was upset when I shaved my head, but I didn’t show it.My dad didn’t seem too bothered by the side effect of hair loss.Because we also looked on the Internet, hair follicles have a rest period, three months after the end of chemotherapy hair can grow back.To sum up: first, we should have a balanced diet and take in nutrition.Eat as rich as possible, a sea cucumber, milk and eggs every morning.I eat fish twice a week. I buy a pressure cooker and make my own beef sauce and pig trotters.Every day to drink oxtail soup, five red soup, eat an apple in the morning, a kiwi in the afternoon, three meals basically have green vegetables, such as celery, spinach, rape, and mushroom, corn, coarse grain big cake, sweet potato porridge, millet porridge.Braised chicken with firewood, braised radish with beef, and protein-rich silkworm pupae.Other nutrients we did not eat, eat a few days of ganoderma spore powder to give up.I did my homework on gut supplements and didn’t buy them.My father said nothing is better than tonic food, so he tried to eat more strong mouth, meat and vegetables, balanced nutrition.Second, moderate regular exercise, adjust the state.In September, I listened to professor Li Junling’s lecture. He said that the patient’s physical condition was an independent factor of prognosis and was very important.He advises patients to take 6,000 to 10,000 steps a day.Usually my father likes to walk, my mother and I have no day to walk with him about 10,000 steps.But only if you don’t collapse.Appropriate exercise can also relieve the mood of boredom, adjust the state of mind.Third, family members should work hard to learn relevant knowledge.From the diagnosis to now, I slowly walk out of the anxiety pain, like a chicken blood, a lot of learning about lung cancer every day.From the causes of lung cancer to postoperative care;From the latest treatments and research results to various trial data;From various clinical cases of recovery to treatment regiments and drug combinations;From western medicine treatment means to traditional Chinese medicine conditioning the body.At the same time, I have to consult with more than 30 patients every day.I have gained a lot and I am very grateful for the company of all my fellow patients.Fourth, timely monitoring of blood pressure, body temperature, blood routine, etc.After all, the first chemotherapy, a lot of symptoms we are very worried about, tube bed doctor wechat is basically sent in the morning at night can reply good, and the reply is very simple.A lot of times our families have to be extra careful.Timely monitoring as advised by the doctor.Seek medical attention in case of unsolved side effects.After two weeks of chemotherapy, the cough was significantly reduced and basically did not cough.On day 16 of chemotherapy, blood routine, biochemistry, thyroid function, heart failure, cortisol, coagulation, tumor markers, ecg and echocardiography were performed as instructed.Tumor markers showed a decrease in all indicators, and the two previously high markers were normal, indicating that chemotherapy was effective.Right now, we’re just worried about whether the immunization is working or not, and they say it’s slow, and we don’t have any immune-related side effects or rashes, or immune-related expression.Hopefully the immunization will work. They say once it works, it works for a long time, and there’s a cure.I hope the imaging evaluation after the second transformation can have very good results and smooth operation!Our family is a battle and the collective has suffered too much. We still don’t have the rashes of Drug K, but we are very tired and anaemic.I looked into all the usual k side effects.I didn’t have the strength to walk every day.I feel like I’m not in the same shape.The heart felt very uncomfortable, my father suspected myocarditis or blocked heart vessels, and registered to see the union cardiology professor twice during the second period.The professor was very kind, patient and gave us medicine.Then I thought maybe it was the cardiotoxicity from chemotherapy that made me feel so bad.After the second transformation, the doctor ordered a long-acting white needle, white blood cell basically stable at about 4.6.But platelet the second week or reduced to 64, tube bed doctor said to hit a giant and grain, this needle is too big too big side effect.His eyes were red and swollen like conjunctivitis, his bones were sore, his headache was bursting, his stomach was bloated like a balloon, he could not digest anything, and he was seriously constipated.Tachycardia over 90 beats per minute. Palpitations are severe.It took six days to get the platelets up.The toxic and side effects of chemotherapy itself, the side effects of superimposed white needle and platelet needle, as well as the side effects of immune drugs, make people hardly wished to live.My mother and I massage my father every day and rub his stomach to help digestion. Besides, I heard that probiotics have a synergistic effect on immunity.I’ve been buying probiotics and prebiotics since I started.Let my dad take it.On the one hand, we hope to regulate the intestinal flora. On the other hand, experts interpret that 70% of the immune cells of the human body are in the intestinal tract. The immune drugs we use are to activate our own immunity, so intestinal health can enhance the immune effect.I’ve been taking probiotics since I was born.It seems to help a little. After taking it for a week, the constipation is relieved.On December 20, surgeons evaluated the feasibility of surgery and took an enhanced CT scan.The doctor said the effect is very good, grasp the operation, after the chemotherapy.When we looked at it with the naked eye, it turned out to be the shape of a football.There is also a hole in the middle.On January 4th, my father had an operation, and the operation went well. The doctor made ward rounds the next day and said that the pathology came out to see if it needed treatment.I thought to myself, he said he would definitely have to have chemo after surgery, so what a change of heart.But I didn’t think much about it, because it was really indescribable how much suffering after the operation, angry dad said that he would never operate again in his life, love zha zha.My dad and I barely slept for four nights.Because the pain can not lie flat, lying down the drainage tube against the pain is not good, the third day to adjust the drainage tube, pulled out three centimeters, or pain, there is no pain in the front and back.A daily infusion of painkillers and pills at night didn’t work.The next afternoon, he walked around in pain to prevent venous thrombosis.The reaction of preoperative chemotherapy was quite large, and postoperative weakness was also very high. According to the doctor’s advice, we received albumin infusion for three days and added two bags of amino acids every day, and gradually began to feel refreshed.But with the drain in, it’s still impossible to sleep, and it’s so hard not to sleep.Recovery is slow. It’s really urgent.Fortunately, on the fifth day, the indicators were qualified and the drainage tube was pulled out, which slowly relieved the pain.As for the pain, you need not be too afraid. My father had the lower lobe of the right lung removed, and a patient’s uncle in the same position also had a very severe reaction with the same symptoms as my father.It is known that some patients with upper lobectomy seem to respond better, I do not know why.One week after surgery, the major pathology appeared.The pathology was completely relieved and no cancer cells could be found. I was very happy.But it is not to be taken lightly.At present, we do not know what follow-up treatment plan can prevent recurrence and metastasis to the greatest extent without excessive treatment.It is very difficult for outsiders to come to Beijing’s big hospitals to see a doctor, the cost of food and accommodation is very high, and without relatives, two black eyes.But no matter how difficult it is, we must see through the disease.Our long-term rental near the hospital.He is the brain, I am the hand, I am the executor. Mom does the logistics work, everything is smooth.Dad, he’s not fighting alone. We’re fighting together.My boyfriend encouraged me all the time when I was anxious and helpless, and the greetings and encouragement from many relatives and friends made our family stronger and stronger.On November 11 and December 3, radical surgery was performed on January 4, 2022, with major postoperative pathology.I just got the pathological result and didn’t know what PCR was, but LATER I knew that PCR was the best result in pathology.I feel like my dad screwed up so much that it wasn’t for nothing, and it’s really a blessing in the end.I wish dad a speedy recovery of lung function and a healthy body.I hope this is a good start.2022 come on!Cover photo source: Tuworm Creative editor: Mijian Popular Science Jun