Shijiazhuang Dongfeng West Road primary school actively carries out civilized practice “five one” activities

2022-06-17 0 By

Hebei news dispatch (hebei daily reporter Ren Xueguang) to actively implement the “ShuangJian” work demands, increasing students’ civilization accomplishment and the social responsibility consciousness and practice ability, recently, the shijiazhuang city dongfeng west road primary school in accordance with the requirements of shijiazhuang city civilization office, city bureau of education, combining with school characteristics and age characteristics of students, actively carry out practice activity “five one” civilization.In the activity, students actively participate in family labor exercise, feel the hard and difficult parents;Inheriting good family traditions and family teachings, taking the initiative to say hello to elders, serving food, carrying water, beating back and washing feet for parents, practicing traditional virtues with practical actions;With parents through the practice of civilized health concept, cleaning, disc action, gradually develop civilized behavior habits and lifestyle;Pick up the garbage, straighten the bike, clean the corridor, sweep the snow for the community, participate in volunteer service activities, and persevere in practicing civilized behavior;We use scattered time to go into the society, carry out propaganda on civilized norms, and guide people to practice civilized norms and lead civilized customs.The picture shows shijiazhuang Dongfeng West Road primary school students actively participate in civilized practice “five one” activities.Grade two students of the school are a typical example. They came to the Traffic Police Brigade of Shijiazhuang High-tech Zone to carry out volunteer activities in response to the school’s “Five Ones” activity of civilized practice in winter vacation.The students visited the command center of the Traffic police brigade in the high-tech Zone, listened to the traffic police uncle introduced the daily traffic management functions of the command center and the operation and application of the intelligent system, took to the streets holding a red flag and began to “guard”, and issued “one helmet and one belt” safety leaflets to passers-by.Through this activity we learned the traffic command gestures, riding motorcycles, electric bikes, etc., the civilized driving concept rooted in the heart.The picture shows shijiazhuang Dongfeng West Road primary school students actively participate in civilized practice “five one” activities.Jia Ye, the instructor of Shijiazhuang Dongfeng West Road primary school brigade, said that through carrying out the civilized practice of “five one” activities, guiding students to learn civilized etiquette, practice civilized behavior, spread civilized ideas, the socialist core values are rooted in the heart, and strive to grow into a good teenager in the new era with all-round development of morality, intelligence, body, beauty and labor.