A shares, low open high go, day K line to close zhongyang, A new round of market or has been opened

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Friday (April 1), A shares open higher, strong upside.Weight white horse collective uplink, wine plate lead the way.Maotai rose 3.55%, real estate then lift the limit tide, leading a section of the end of the day pull up close to the limit.Northward capital to defend the attack, the main net outflow of capital convergence.Three major stock indexes ushered in a good start in April, how to go after the market?Disk overview: low open high go, in the morning, the three major stock index low open, slightly stay straight pull up, stock index quickly turned red.After 10.30 minutes, “scored twice” and pulled up straight again.It then retreated slightly to end the first half of the session.Afternoon volatility picked up, low slowly higher, but the strength and upward slope weakened.The whole day to close at secondary highs, K line once again recorded bald bare feet in the sun, rebound trend to strengthen, high or high probability of events.At the end, the Shanghai Composite index rose 0.94%, the Shenzhen Component Index and the GROWTH Enterprise Index rose 0.91% and 0.28% respectively, with a total turnover of 935.6 billion yuan, a contraction of about 70 billion yuan from the previous trading day.Shanghai timeshare chart trend as a whole, trend in line with yesterday’s forecast.The logic is very simple, we will be defined yesterday as short-term profit chips from the normal adjustment, so, in theory today should be in the sun up.Most of the plate turned red, but the stock rose less fell more, or structural market industry plate, Tongda Letter 56 industry classification, the ratio of up and down is 39:17. Hotels and restaurants increased by 5.25%, followed by transportation equipment (+4.69%), transportation facilities (4.46%), warehousing and logistics (+3.40%) and tourism (+3.40%).Pharmaceuticals, military aerospace, general machinery, paper and industrial machinery led the decline.Individual stocks, up 2036, down 2598, up 89, down 20, up between 5%~ limit 110, neutral profit effect is weak.The rise and fall of individual stocks is more than that of the plate and the language of individual stocks implies :(1) the plate rises more and falls less, but the rise does not rise more and fall less in the same direction, which means that market participants’ funds are gradually concentrated, and the consensus on the choice of future breakthrough direction is gradually forming.(2) the real estate plate again lift the limit tide, but the 14 limit real estate stocks, the market value of more than 10 billion only 5, which means that the current real estate plate market probability belongs to hot money behavior, the main major institutions are not high degree of involvement, after continuous strength, or should pay attention to the risk.(3) The collective uprising of transportation logistics may also prove the investment direction under the logic of “steady growth”, which may not be the first reaction of investors: the real estate sector.After all, the medium and long term tone of this plate has been set, may be the recent strength of the valuation repair and oversold rebound.A signal release, market style or has changed today after the biggest point is: weight blue chip and white horse stocks collective pull index.Reflected in the board is That Moutai rose 3.55%, the overall brewing sector rose 3.03%, while MAO index rose 0.99%.This may mean that the core assets that began to be adjusted at the beginning of last year, after a year of adjustment, are now more significant in the medium and long term investment value, and institutional investors are likely to embrace core assets again.From the MAO index components, many of the target stage share price halved, and the company’s fundamentals did not substantially deteriorate.On the other hand, ning portfolio today rose far behind the MAO index, which also reversed the verification of the current capital preference.Liquidity ample, foreign capital admission for the third consecutive day recently I have been emphasizing that the medium-term dimension of bottom grinding bottom probability, the short-term rise and fall obviously depends on short-term liquidity and capital flow.Coincidentally, this Angle is also pretty market-friendly.Beijing Capital bought a net 4.421 billion yuan, including 1.688 billion yuan in Shanghai stock connect and 2.733 billion yuan in Shenzhen Stock Connect, bringing this week’s total net purchases to about 22.6 billion yuan.North capital main capital net selling convergence, today’s net selling of 6.962 billion.Continuous net open market placements, cumulative net placements of $500 billion this week.Technical analysis: The K line in Yang, the form of multi gun technology, the Shanghai Composite index again Yang closed, the last three days constitute a classic two Yang clip a Yin “multi gun” combination, long significantly dominant.The 5-day, 10-day and 20-day averages are cemented in a mini-range from 3244 to 3247, with the 5-day and 10-day averages moving up and the 20-day averages moving down.The next two trading days, as long as the index does not fall, the probability of forming a long arrangement.Gem index K line recorded a small Yang line, at the same time by the 5-day average support, or slightly behind the Shanghai Composite Index, but the form also belongs to the multi gun combination, and the big box pattern is also challenged, the uptrend probability of the market is significantly greater than the decline.Comprehensive analysis: the main line of the market or has appeared, the form of technical attack has been constructed, a bit more optimistic market!(This article is a sort of traceability investment ideas and thinking, does not constitute investment advice, only for reference) I am traceability to one, minimalist investment practitioner!​