Towns is the king of 29 3s!Blowing out mills! Kennard’s the best 3-pointer ever!

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On February 20, Beijing time, NBA all-star game schedule, On February 21, the eastern and western all-star game officially began at eight o ‘clock in the morning: eastern Durant team versus western James team.And today’s events, let a person never thought of is the result of the three-point contest!This year’s three-point contest participants: Historical figures in three-point shooting!Trey Young of the Hawks, Desmond Bain of the Grizzlies, Luke Kennard of the Clippers, Zaklavin of the Bulls, CJ McCollum of the Pelicans, Mills of the Nets, then big Towns of the Timberwolves, and finally Vanfleet of the Raptors.When it comes to scoring, young is the no. 6 player in the NBA, averaging 27.7 points per game and shooting 37 percent from 3-point range.Then there’s CJ McCollum, who makes 42 percent of his 3s. Lavine dunks ok, but when it comes to 3-pointers, it’s not as good as his dunks.First up for Towns was Bayne, who scored 18 points.CJ McCollum finished second with 19 points after making all five of his shots.In third place was Kennard, who, like CJ, found his touch in the center circle and hit green shots to finish with 28 points.Fourth for CJ was Lavine, who hit four of his first five shots and struggled to finish with 14 points.Fifth for Lavine was Mills, who hit four goals from the second spot, both green, to finish with 21 points.In sixth place, Towns set up his spot at the top of the arc and finished with 22 points thanks to his steady play.Vanvleet, who started seventh, hit the side of the backboard with his first shot and then hit consecutive shots to finish with 16 points.Trey – Young was the last player to play, his release speed is extremely fast, with the last ball to score a total of 22 points to beat Mills (21 points) successfully into the final.Vanfried Final: In order of starting, Towns first: made 9 of his first 10 shots and finished with 29 points!He could have broken Curry’s record of 31 points in a single round on his final shot, but was drained of energy and made only two shots on the final shot to cap his 29-point mark.Kennard’s second starter was Trey Young, who struggled to get off to a good start but found his touch, scoring 26 points and failing to win the 3-point contest.The most surprising thing about Trey Young was that it was Kennard who finished with 28 points in the first heat and a solid 26 in the final.Towns is the first big man to win a three-point contest since Kevin Love in 2012.At 6 feet 11 inches, he was the second tallest winner of the competition;Dirk Nowitzki won it in 2006.In an upset, Towns won the three-point contest.Towns, in my opinion, blew young’s three-point style better, he was the three-point king, Towns started the day really good, he said after the game: “today’s luck and touch is really good.Surprise three points king!Finally, Kennard, whether in the finals or your prelips, he is the most consistent one, a very scary scorer, in kawhi Leonard and George injury missing clippers, Tyronn Lue also slowly developed a new strong, the most stable three-point king!