Thousands of miles together, send the sky, autumn bleak whirling dream

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Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian Sinology art Trinidad together, send the sky, autumn bleak whirling dance dream.Still call me, flower shadow to tantalizing, this can be sent to the end of the world, wish a total wine bottle.Pond lotus leaf shadow, but smell wild cuckoo, Chan Thousands of acacia to the night.A piece of ice can send me, the moon can invite chan, silent moisten the wind into the orchestra.A long life dream fans, where to send acacia, silent cold rain lamp faint people do not know.Night sound, lonely lights shine on the shadow of the dream difficult, to send up to, chan hate injustice.The laurel shadow faintly autumn night long, the intermittent sound through the screen window, chan do not understand, still send the qinghui hometown.A wisp of acacia thousands of miles altogether desolate, cold cicada sound broken dancing night weiyang.Thousands of miles a total of a round, send acacia silent silent autumn night static, lonely light only shadow tears stained towel.New voice sing the wind, old wine shadow hazy, poetic dream to send chan drunk.Shadow dimly, swallows fly in the sound, beautiful moonlight thousands of miles away, homesick a wisp to send o.A few nights sleepless new disease wine, easy old appearance, love wound always in acacia to send on Juan.Bai yu makeup, bing Xin a love wound, do not understand the spring news, night to send fragrance into sleep.The world where to find love wounds, yun month such as hook hanging small window, spring to autumn day short dream of incense.Spring to autumn day short dream soul yao, Chan thousands of miles of hurt hate has not disappeared.Cry Yushu, pecking money, love hurt a song appendix to see the moon.West window shadow since yun, tears trickling down one’s cheeks, dongfeng does not understand the flowers to the pillow.A song tears hazy, yun such as hook autumn flowers fall, night long day short dream difficult to end.Autumn to another winter, night long day short dream difficult to become, chan don’t understand love send month Ming.Night static deeper dream is not, spring to nowhere to find fang trace, love hurt a song who solution, yun such as hook hanging blue sky.Admire the show yun, love wound memory fleeting, liulu bonus day, summer lotus night quiet day.A song love hurt sing parting, yun Trinidad send acacia, spring is bloom, night dream iraqis sleep late.Pear flowers in spring, wind and rain at night to wash the world, graceful feelings sent with people.Night static star sparse autumn to each west east, love wound a qujuan flower dream red.Such as hook according to begonia, beauty where do not understand the spring breeze, beautiful night weiyang.Love tears two lines, thousands of miles altogether desolate, spring to autumn to deeper dream heartbroken.Spring to winter to meet you, day and night acacia dream, yun shadow faintly a song to send bosom friend.Moonlight new, manyuanchun, love hurt a faint dream people.Yun month should know thin shadow pity, why blame dongfeng, spring to mo lovesickness in a dream.Between heaven and earth, wind and rain partings, spring to autumn are passing, day and night acacia send fleeting.Spring to autumn, such as water month without China, chan don’t understand love send sea ya.Day and night to the sea ya, all things compete, love hurt a qinghui according to my home.Beautiful warm melting wind, love wound in a dream, spring to autumn to fight night hazy.Send acacia, hang willow branches, spring to autumn day short dream late.Heartbroken people in the central water, the line to Jiangnan hometown, two acacia tears full clothes.Tears full sang, liquor words desolate, sansheng stone thousands of words, four seasons several heartbroken.Acacia two injuries, sansheng stone tears into pairs, pedestrians do not coagulating eyebrows said heartbroken.Yesterday pedestrians today, heartbroken cliff wang Xiang Tai, Qingming season tears like rain, two acacia dream.Elegy to heartbroken, pedestrian if looks keep, why sad tears full of tears.Tears in pairs, two acacia as long, do not know the line of bitter, qinghui still according to heartbroken Lang.The full moon spent two, tears wet qingshan night not ended, don’t line thousands of miles, heartbroken people in shuiyun township.Bleak autumn geese into line, fallen leaves fall heartbroken, a lute liquor all hurt.No tears touch clothes, two tianya Jiangnan misty rain, heartbroken people in the central water.Two vacant, grief and joy in union tears do not do, the road more sigh, a heartbroken for confidante.Sad lonely, turbid drunk at large, if the two love looks, why sad tears dark cast.Acacia infinite tears into double, the end of the world each party, wild goose word empty voice in the words desolate.The end of the world with tears not dry, the long march before the moon.Wind ten thousand miles, people entangle in a dream, poor a drop of tianya two affection.Xiaoxiang heartbroken, acacia send a wisp of poetry, two love if spoony tears full orbit.Tears stained clothes, their injuries, to the grave liquor heartbroken soup.Two face each other, tears full clothes, a different people in the middle of the water.Rain into the line, visitors to heartbroken, tears wet garment hun feel, Yin and Yang two pain liver injury.Season rain heartbroken, pedestrian road heart desolate, Yin and Yang read ancestors tears in pairs.Tianya wandering tears touch clothes, acacia each party, wild goose word line is the most month such as frost.Liangxiaowucai affection deep, meet a smile tears touch jin, between the lines in this life heartbroken people.A few heartbroken, words between the lines desolate, if long together, why spoony tears full of orbit.A quqin heart on the moon play, friends chan, acacia to tell no way to send, wonderful sentence into tears have dried.Wonderful sentence good word painting v. lingering, gaoshanshuihe Ming a total moon circle.Acacia dream is not, sing to wonderful sentence water bosom friend less, a musical heart on the moon.Bosom friend does not seek place, sword bravery two phase melt, pick up wonderful sentence heartfelt wine a cup.Thousands of miles away, where to find the flute, acacia desire to v. no way to send, wonderful sentence into waste of self-mockery.Wonderful sentences such as falling pearls, like water v. lingering, a song and Ming a total of one hundred years.V no sleep, wonderful sentence beautiful ci fu ya, bosom friend hard to find, harp heart sword gallanca chan.High mountain and flowing water seek bosom friend, harp and sonata ancient and modern, wonderful sentence beautiful word moon v. infatuation.Music with the wind flowing water seek bosom friend, acacia a wisp of difficult book chizi heart.Find the sentence, tell the truth, gaoshanshuiying and Ming together.The bright moon v. lingering, jia Ci fu ya, mo road bosom friend painting and calligraphy from the pleasant.Bosom friend tears two lines, qin heart sword wonderful sentence through the ages, moke poets tell their hearts.Into thousands of rhymes, a song of ten thousand kinds of feelings, acacia wonderful sentence to accompany you.Kui no wonderful sentence reward festival, thanks to the words of qing dynasty, to find friends where to go, with your heart sword bravery.A cup of wine, clear word wonderful sentence several people accompany, water bosom friend encounter, harp and singing without media.Don’t understand the edge, qin heart sword gallbladder two linked, Yin into wonderful sentence startled heaven and earth, tell all the heart orchestra.Sword gallbladder two dating, a bosom friend is true, tell the world wonderful sentence to the world of mortals.Last night inadvertently told my heart, bosom friends are not singing together.Bitter rain v. parting sorrow, wonderful sentence good word bosom friend not to find place, piano heart a piece for you to stay.Bosom friend one line pull, sword bravery two connected, Yin into wonderful sentence more strong heart.Qin heart sword bravery two Kunlun, a bosom friend will be dead, to v. Acacia wonderful sentence gift beauty.Xiang ying sleeve, tears full jin, don’t say bosom friend water piano heart.Xie’s spring flowers before v. Good word in the dream, don’t say bosom friend water piano heart.Thousands of miles away, sword bravery two intersection, clear word wonderful sentence passed through the ages, v. all human suffering and labor.Piano caresses the mountains a thousand miles of chan, Acacia qu Qingci orchestra.Ruthless years urge people old, poems and books with long dreams, when to meet wine words heart.How much sorrow, what day boarding, acacia into human love did not rest.After qingming, meaning uneven, tears wet grave dream a feeling.Tomb-sweeping day tears stained clothes, a wisp of love to send far away, to tell when to return home.Love, old tears empty flow, I do not know when to return home, a heart sing Kyushu.Intentionally lirizhao, tell the heart and who chat, a song acacia deep soul has been sold.Tanabata festival tears full of clothes, love day hate the sea two dilute, heart do acacia bitter, what day can fly.Deciduous feeling intentional, rain beat residual flowers next spring warm day, heart tell to meet you again.100 feet floor, river day and night flow east, not old hero tears, blue water ruthless warrior sorrow.- Zheng Huixian # Zheng Huixian Sinology art #