Story: A young nun goes shopping down the mountain, meets an injured man and takes him back to a nunnery

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On a mountain there was a nunnery. It was not big. There lived only two nuns, one an old one and the other a young one.One morning, the old nun said to the young one, “There is no salt in the nunnery. Go to the town under the mountain and buy some salt.”The young nun listened to the old nun and said, “Master, I’m going to buy salt now.”With that the young nun went out of the nunnery.After about one joss stick time, the young nun came to the road at the foot of the mountain, which leads to the town six miles away.Suddenly, the young nun found a roadside grass, lying a man, looks like a man about 20 years old, the body has injuries.She hurried to the man’s side and asked, “Who are you?”The man said, “I am a scholar in the town. My name is Sun Xiaowen. This morning, an army suddenly came to the town.The young nun said, “I’m going to the town to buy salt, but I can’t go to the town. I’ll take you to a nunnery, where you can recuperate.”Sun Xiaowen listened to the young nun said: “Thank you!”Next, the young nun helped Sun Xiaowen up, and then helped Sun Xiaowen to walk up the hill.The young nun helped Sun Xiaowen into the nunnery, the old nun came up.The young nun simply to the old nun said sun Xiaowen’s situation, the old nun said to Sun Xiaowen: “Donor, in the future you in the nunnery recuperate!Get well before you go.”From then on, Sun Xiaowen stayed in the nunnery to recuperate.Three months later, Sun Xiaowen’s injury healed, when Sun Xiaowen was preparing to leave the nunnery, one day at noon, Sun Xiaowen was having lunch with two nuns, suddenly a group of soldiers broke into the nunnery.The old nun said to the young nun and Sun Xiaowen, “Run away through the back door and I’ll hold them off.”The young nun said, “Master, you will come with us.”The old nun said, “Go quickly, or it will be too late.”Finally, the young nun and Sun Xiaowen escaped to a cave through the back door of the nunnery.The next morning, the young nun and Sun Xiaowen quietly came to the nunnery outside, they made sure there were no soldiers in the nunnery, went into the nunnery.When they entered the nunnery, they found the corpse of the old nun. The young nun held the corpse and cried bitterly.When she finished crying, Sun Xiaowen said to her: “Let’s bury the old master first!”Next, Sun Xiaowen and the young nun dug a pit outside the nunnery and buried the old nun’s body.Since then, there were only sun Xiaowen and the young nun in the nunnery.In order to prevent soldiers from breaking into the nunnery, Sun Xiaowen and the young nun began to dig a hole in the back yard of the nunnery. They dug for half a month and dug a hole under the hillside leading from the back yard of the nunnery to the back of the nunnery.One afternoon, a month after they had dug the hole, a general came into the nunnery covered in blood.After entering the nunnery, the general urgently said to Sun Xiaowen and the young nun: “There are rebels chasing after me, please save me!”Sun Xiaowen and the young nun quickly took the general into the hole.They had not been long in the burrow when a band of soldiers entered the nunnery.The soldiers searched the nunnery and left the nunnery when they could not find the general.In the evening, Sun Xiaowen, the young nun and the general went out of the cave.Sun Xiaowen said to the general: “Your wound is not light, stay in the nunnery to recuperate!”The general said: “Good, I stay in the nunnery to recuperate.”Four months later, the general’s wound healed.When he was leaving, he said to Sun Xiaowen, “You are a scholar. When the war is over, you can go to the capital to take part in the examination. Maybe you will be listed on the list.”Sun xiaowen said, “When the war is over, I will definitely go to the capital to take the exam.”Five years later, the war was over.However, because Sun Xiaowen and the young nun had been living in the nunnery, they did not know that the war was over.It was not until the general arrived at the nunnery with his guard that they knew the war was over.The general said to Sun Xiaowen, “Now that the war is over, you should go to the capital to take the examination.””I will go to Beijing tomorrow to take the exam,” sun said.The general said: “I am going to the border pass, I wrote a letter of recommendation, you take my letter of recommendation to the capital to find Li Qingshan, he is the minister of civil affairs.”The next morning sun xiaowen said to the young nun, “Please come with me to the capital.”The young nun thought for a moment and then said, “Ok, I’ll go to the capital with you.”A month later, Sun Xiaowen and the young nun arrived in the capital.When they arrived in the capital, Sun xiaowen soon found li Qingshan, the minister of Civil Affairs.After reading the general’s recommendation letter, Li Qingshan told Sun: “The war has just ended and the imperial court is hiring people. As long as you have real talent and knowledge, I believe you will be on the list.”Before long, Sun Xiaowen took the exam.To the time of the hair, Sun Xiaowen in the Jinshi, soon, he did the Beijing officer.After he had been a Beijing official for three months, he married a young nun.