Sasac “revealed the story” this year to enhance the focus of the action

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Our reporter Du Yumeng distance in June 2020, state-owned assets supervision and administration in state and local state-owned key enterprises of the world first-class management improve action (hereinafter referred to as “on the promotion action”) for two years, three years as a soe reform action this year’s final years, for the promotion action is the key stage of deepening into the assessment, the ground effect.On February 25th, Weng Jiemeng, deputy director of the Office of the State-owned Enterprise Reform Leading Group of The State Council and deputy director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, responded one by one on the progress and effectiveness of the work, and the focus of this year’s work.Data showed that by the end of 2021, 96 central enterprises had made an average progress of 92.01% in their bid upgrading activities.The average progress of key local state-owned enterprises reached 81.62 percent.In 2021, the operating revenue profit margin of central enterprises was 6.8%, the cost profit margin was 7.1%, and the labor cost profit margin was 80.7%, which were 2.3 percentage points higher, 2.4 percentage points higher, and 26.8 percentage points higher than at the beginning of the benchmarking campaign. The per capita labor productivity of central enterprises reached 694,000 yuan.The increase was 32.2 percent, more than five times the average level of the whole society.Weng Jieming said that since the launch of the bid promotion campaign, in general, the management system of modern state-owned enterprises with Chinese characteristics has been more perfect, and the level of standardized and scientific management has been constantly improving, forming a new situation of coordinated and mutual promotion between management and reform, innovation and development.Specifically, it is mainly reflected in the following four aspects: the continuous improvement of enterprise management system, the continuous improvement of enterprise management ability, the pioneering competition for excellence in enterprise management benchmark, and the full display of enterprise management value.For example, SDIC explores the establishment of a 5M value management system for the whole life cycle of equity, integrates management resources in various professional fields such as investment management, post-investment management, exit management, collaborative management and risk management, and effectively runs through the three-level management structure of the headquarters, subsidiaries and investee enterprises to achieve mutual support and complement each other.Again, for example, continue to carry out the internal and external to the gac group, combined with years of joint venture cooperation and independent innovation development practice, summary extracted ten management consciousness, the “clear” and “problem solving” the combination of “gac works”, in unified management thought and language, reduce the communication cost, optimize the allocation of resources,In 2021, per capita labor productivity will reach 1.2 million yuan, up 43 percent year on year.Overall, the growth of central enterprises in 2021 was the best in history.Weng Jieming said that since the launch of the bid promotion campaign, sasAC has made every effort to promote the implementation of various tasks with the “four intensification”.First, strengthen organizational leadership and make careful arrangements for implementation.The STATE-OWNED Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) has identified 132 key tasks for improving requirements in key management areas.We guided key state-owned enterprises to study and formulate implementation plans and work lists with actionable measures, quantifiable indicators, traceable processes and controllable nodes, and put forward over 22,000 specific improvement measures in total.Second, we will strengthen accurate benchmarking and strengthen weak links.Guide enterprises to combine the characteristics of different businesses, different levels and different stages to implement the whole-process, whole-level and all-directional benchmarking, promote the management benchmarking concept to be deeply rooted in people, and gradually take root the culture of “no benchmarking, no management”.Central enterprises selected more than 1,000 leading enterprises at different levels and in different fields as targets, and set 2,425 quantifiable improvement indicators, or 74.6 percent of the total.Third, strengthen work guidance and focus on key areas.Around the theme of lean management, digital management, management benchmarking and so on, held 3 on-site promotion meetings to promote and exchange excellent management experience.Fourth, strengthen supervision and assessment to ensure the implementation of responsibilities.Build a benchmarking and upgrading action information system to realize online dynamic supervision of the overall progress, key tasks and benchmarking situation.The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) has included the benchmarking campaign into the assessment and supervision of key tasks in the three-year reform of central enterprises, and the assessment results will be linked to the performance assessment of the heads of central enterprises.This year marks the end of the three-year campaign to improve the quality of listed companies controlled by central soes. The campaign to improve world-class management has entered a critical stage of deepening evaluation and delivering results.Weng Jieming revealed that the next step, sasAC will continue to further promote the modernization of the management system and management capacity of state-owned enterprises, to provide strong support for the construction of world-class enterprises.On the basis of coordinated development, we will closely integrate actions to raise standards with actions to deepen world-class demonstration efforts and create value for world-class enterprises, and work in tandem with efforts to stabilize growth, prevent risks, promote reform, improve quality and efficiency, slim and healthy bodies, and take comprehensive measures.This year, SASAC will coordinate the implementation of strengthening compliance management, special promotion of investment management, special promotion of digitization and intelligence of state-owned assets supervision, thematic action to improve the quality of listed companies controlled by central enterprises, and construction of internal control system of “integration of three”.On consolidating and upgrading.Establish and improve the long-term mechanism of management and promotion, guide enterprises to improve benchmarking data, optimize management indicators, form a closed loop of management, consolidate management and promotion achievements with a complete system, and ensure that “the end is not the end”.In addition, but also pay attention to the summary of refining and typical promotion work.(Editor CAI Shandan)