“Return to business” again burglary partner home sentenced

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Fujian Rule of law newspaper – The straits rule of law online February 15 – repeatedly sentenced for theft, still unrepentant after release, “go back to the old business” with others to steal gold jewelry and other property, was convicted and jailed again.Recently, hangzhou court closed the gang burglary case, the defendant Wei wen, Wei De, Han, Wei ke four people were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment for theft from five years eight months to four years three months, and a total fine of 135,000 yuan.He was convicted of theft in 2012 and 2018, and stole again just two years after his release.In late December 2020, wei wen, wei, wei DE twice from guangdong driving to hangzhou city multiple areas around circle, determined by way of checking in goal in a villa for laid hands on him, the next day, three people back to guangdong and then drive to fuzhou, and Han Mou, wei zhu, wei after referral rendezvous, 6 people conspired to shanghang checking beforehand good implementation of theft.On the evening of December 30, 2020, 6 people flee the supremacy of hangzhou, townhouse, a district in addition to the defendant wei division is responsible for driving, reinforce the rest 5 people into the field for theft or a lookout, a few people have never decorated a villa roof over its target villa roof, and then pry into the villa on the second floor window, stole the villa safe, monitoring the server within each one.The stolen safe contained more than 20,000 yuan in cash, men’s gold necklaces, bracelets and rings worth a total of 70,000 yuan, as well as women’s jewelry.After the case, the defendant Wei Wen, Wei ke and Wei De, Han has been arrested by the public Security Bureau.The court heard that the defendant Wei some temperature, Wei some de, Han, Wei some ke with others to illegal possession for the purpose of taking secret means to steal other people’s property value of a total of more than 90 thousand yuan, the amount is huge, the facts are clear, evidence is indeed, sufficient, its behavior has constituted the crime of theft.It is a joint crime.The above-mentioned criminal facts and charges charged by the public prosecution shall be accepted.The defendant Wei mou wen, Wei Mou de, Han Mou ever was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment penalty because of intentional crime, in the execution of the punishment within five years should be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment penalty crime, is a recidivism, according to the law should be given a heavier punishment, then according to the law to make the above judgment.(Reporter Chen Zhangqun, Correspondent Li Linyun)