Renshan Street, Wanshan District: “323” helps industries enter the “Spring” of rural revitalization

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In recent years, Renshan Sub-district of Wanshan District has taken the development and expansion of village collective economy as an important starting point to consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation and continue to promote rural revitalization. Adhering to the guidance of Party building, based on resource advantages, and through the “323” working idea, it has constantly promoted grassroots Party organizations to come to the forefront and take the initiative.In the process of industrial development, Renshan Sub-district has always adhered to the implementation of the guarantee, the first research and planning, the implementation of talent guarantee, the use of good and live policy, for the high-quality development of the village collective economy to fight a “battle ahead”.First, planning and research.Form niyama street unity of “the village collective economic development research group, the men village, village in the mountains demonstration site through field visit to the village of the unity of the village, in the form of a talk, listen to the report and research, to refine the typical experience, mining development mode of the unity of the village, combined with the actual to formulate a policy of” one “village village collective economy implementation plan,Do grasp the point to promote the surface, the overall advance.Up to now, the working group to the village to carry out research more than 10 times, held a symposium 5 times, the Party working Committee to listen to the special report work 4 times.Second, talent guarantee first.Engineering as the “leader”, and communities in the implementation of talent back to plan, relying on the “popular party plus three clubs promote trible changers + chunhui club” reform training, wanshan district party committee party school, niyama street party school, such as the carrier, the use of good “going out” and “introduction to” the learning mode of combining targeted groups “native” training talent, rural rich leader, village cadres,Help to broaden ideas, for the development of the village collective economy to provide a strong talent reserve support.Since 2021, Renshan Subdistrict has organized more than 10 training sessions for more than 90 people in the village collective economy industry, and more than 10 people have gone out to study and train.Third, priority should be given to ensuring remuneration.Formulated and issued the niyama street village (community) collective economic appraisal plan, set up by the secretary of the party working, director of the office for work leading group of the double team leader, to the village (community) collective economic appraisal content, the results using clear, promote village (community), the cadres of the “two committees” emancipating the mind, promote executing ability, lead the clerkstarts boom.Explore the development of “two paths”, with active policy resources Renshan Street focus on the new State development no. 2 document put forward “do excellent do fine characteristic advantage agricultural products, improve the standardization, scale, brand level of important agricultural products.We will further implement the strategy of strengthening agriculture with brands, build a batch of regional public brands, agricultural enterprise brands and agricultural products brands, and actively explore the “two paths” to encourage industrial development.First, explore synergy between production and marketing.Combined with the reality, fully integrate the advantages of resources, in tangbian village vigorously develop strawberry, pepper planting as the main characteristic industry, to the village party branch as the main body, organize and mobilize the masses to build more than 80 greenhouses, planting more than 60 acres of strawberries, each mu can produce more than 2,000 pounds of strawberries.At the same time, enterprises and individual operators are actively introduced to carry out acquisition in the fields, giving full play to the radiation effect of production and marketing docking, and making up for the weak position of surrounding farmers in production and marketing docking.At present, Tangbian village strawberry has been hanging fruit sales.Second, we will explore cooperatives leading development.In 2020, “Tangbian Village, Wanshan District, Tongren City, Specialized Cooperative for benefiting farmers” was established with a registered capital of 1 million yuan. Since its establishment, a total of 10 poverty alleviation industry development funds projects from the superior level have been obtained, involving 8.1 million yuan of poverty alleviation funds. Four vegetable greenhouses bases, covering an area of about 120 mu, have been built, leading more than 200 migrant workers and increasing the total income of more than 200,000 yuan.Renshan Street closely around the “strong base to consolidate the foundation” general requirements, adhere to the leadership of the Party construction, in the strong team, strong hematopoiesis, strong management three aspects to make an issue, optimize the use of resources, accelerate the industrial birth, run out of the village collective economy to increase income, the masses get rich “acceleration”.One is to play on “strong teams”.Taking the opportunity of the reelection of the 11th village (community) “two Committees”, we will select outstanding university graduates, leaders in getting rich, and retired military personnel into the village-level groups, list the development and expansion of the collective economy as an important part of the year-end performance of village cadres, and guide party members and the masses to select those who can and are capable of doing things.Through the reelection, Tangbian village and Kaitian Village elected a total of 14 village cadres, with an average age of 41.42 years old, among which 7 were rural leaders with strong abilities.The second is to strengthen “hematopoietic” on the issue.”ShuXieShi” into “ZaoXieShi”, built in the village of men pepper mills, the project investment of 4.05 million yuan, as the 710 document tent card farmers share out bonus assets, take “guaranteed bonuses + benefits” of share out bonus of interest distribution in the form of farmers to use the dividend funds to participate in project construction, according to the investment in capital quantification of share out bonus, entrepreneurial farmers’ income.At the same time, it provides employment platform for farmers, encourages farmers to participate in management, and increases family income.Third, the “strong management” on the issue.Strengthen the overall leadership of the village party organization on the decision-making motion, voting, implementation and supervision, and make clear the major projects and financial affairs of the village collective economy, which shall be implemented after the study of the village Party organization and the resolution of the collective members’ conference.At the same time, the functions and responsibilities of the village affairs supervision committee have been strengthened. Members of the village affairs supervision Committee are required to attend meetings of the village Party organization committee, party members’ congress, villagers’ assembly and other meetings, and supervise the whole process of matters related to the village collective economy to ensure scientific and reasonable decision-making and management of the collective economy.(Xiaozihua)