16 years old weight 360 catties!”China’s first little fat” reflects the opportunities and challenges of the adolescent weight loss market

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Sports big business 2862, welcome the attention leading sports industry information platform article | grove big business reporter “don’t lose weight in April, may idle young, needy old.”A 16-year-old boy in Wuhan, Hubei province, recently broke a national record by weighing more than 360 kg, sparking heated debate among netizens.Tong fell in love with fried food at the age of six, and after 10 years of overeating and gluttony, his figure has completely lost control: he is 180 centimeters tall, weighs 180 kilograms, has a 1.6-meter waist and a BMI of 55.6.Before surgery in the hospital, Tong went out in a wheelchair, dress to customize, because of obesity also suffered from serious fatty liver, blood fat, insulin and other indicators seriously abnormal.The record was previously held by Xu Zhoulei, a teenager from Fengcheng, Jiangxi province.In 2014, Sun Liang, China’s fattest man, died of obesity. Xu zhoulei, then 14, weighed 300 kilograms.After bariatric surgery, Xu lost 80 jin, but his good luck didn’t last long. In 2018, he regained 360 jin.In recent years, the rate of overweight and obesity among Children and teenagers in China has skyrocketed, with the number of “little fat people” ranking first in the world.This from the side of the children and teenagers weight loss track has a broad prospect, the youth weight loss market opportunities and challenges coexist.According to estimates, the global diet market for weight loss and weight management will reach 295.3 billion US dollars by 2027, with a compound annual growth rate of 7.0%.According to the National Health Commission, nearly 20 percent of Chinese children aged 6-17 are overweight or obese, and 10 percent of children under 6 are obese.Overweight and obesity population is developing at a younger age, seriously affecting physical and mental health.The risk factors for the “next generation” overweight and obesity include sedentary behavior, long-term excessive consumption of junk food and high-sugar beverages, psychological stress, and little Fat Willie syndrome.Parents often overlook the early symptoms of obesity, such as sleep apnea syndrome, flat feet, bend of the knee, and cartilage damage to the spine and intervertebral bodies.High cholesterol and fatty acids in moderately to severely obese children and adolescents can inhibit immune system function and reduce the body’s ability to fight infection, making them vulnerable to various diseases including COVID-19.Obesity will also have a profound impact on the health of adults. People who fail to manage their weight are likely to suffer from metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hypertension and other diseases. The average life expectancy and healthy life expectancy of obese people are also lower than those with normal weight.According to the National Health Commission’s Action Plan for Healthy Children (2021-2025), by 2025, children’s health problems such as obesity and poor vision will be actively intervened, healthy lifestyles will be further popularized, and health literacy of children and their caregivers will be improved.The plan emphasizes the strengthening of exercise guidance for children, popularizing popular science knowledge such as at least 180 minutes of exercise with different intensity and at least 60 minutes of exercise with moderate intensity every day for preschool children, reducing sedentary time, promoting balanced eating and locomotion, and preventing and reducing overweight and obesity in children.It is worth paying attention to that the current market to children and teenagers as the main audience weight loss camp, weight loss class price is high, a few thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan is normal, training duration in two periods.For the sake of their children’s health, many parents have to accept the relevant pricing.At the same time, unlicensed weight loss training camp quality uneven, and even a lot of businesses mixed beads, ordinary consumers difficult to screen.Take the Harbin 360 weight-loss training camp, which caused sudden death of trainees in 2021, as an example. The camp adopts 21 days of closed intensive training management, and the training content is spinning bike, group exercise class and other fitness classes. Under the condition of dieting, students have to receive 2 hours of high-intensity training every morning and afternoon.Moreover, many weight-loss training camp coaches also belong to the “three noes” personnel, who will over-advertise and induce students in recruitment for sales performance.Be in “50 days thin 30 catties” wait for misdirect under, consumer can think thin body is successful inside short time.There are even weight-loss training camps targeting users of “re-consumption of weight gain”. Such “devil training” will not only bring harm to the body of teenagers, but also affect the popularization of scientific weight management, which will eventually bring negative effects to the whole industry.Physical training is expected to help the youth weight loss market into a virtuous development cycle formal physical training will curb the youth weight loss training camp disorderly expansion.For children and adolescents, the sooner the exercise habit is formed, the earlier the benefit.In addition to teaching children sports skills, sports training institutions can also integrate sportsmanship and health concepts into the teaching system, which is of self-evident significance for children to establish a healthy lifestyle in the future.After the “double reduction” landing, the physical education class has become the standard collocation of students cold and summer vacation, many parents will reserve thousands of yuan up to ten thousand yuan of budget for children to sign up for the physical education class, quality education “volume” is becoming more and more intense.However, some parents are still guided by “exam-oriented thinking” when choosing physical education classes, and the purpose of seeking physical education guidance is separated from sports health, without taking children’s personal will and physical condition as the starting point.Parents’ test-oriented concept not only damages children’s enthusiasm for sports, but also directly leads to distortion of teenagers’ concept of sports. They complain about poor innate sports cells, different physique and others, etc.In order to strengthen the standardization and de-exam-oriented of the youth sports training industry, the General Administration of Sports has issued the “Code of Conduct for Extracurricular Sports Training” and other policies to promote the healthy and orderly development of the sports training market from various dimensions, such as site facilities, sports training courses and extracurricular sports training practitioners.Various parts of the country have also formulated corresponding supporting policies to curb such anomalies as price increases and hoarding of class hours, and to strengthen supervision over the prices of sports training classes and teachers.In Shanghai, for example, the measures of Shanghai municipality on implementing the administration of external training organizations to set up and forward all sports training institutions need to be on December 31, 2023 educational licensing procedures, and all kinds of institutions in the license management, internal management, training management, training arrangement, recruitment, personnel, capital assets, refund request, security, etc.As for the fees charged by youth sports training institutions, which are of the most concern to parents, the Measures clearly specify that the one-off fees charged by after-school training institutions shall not exceed 3 months or 6 class hours (including training services provided in the name of “gift”), and the time of advance payment shall not be earlier than one month before the corresponding training services.Off-campus training institutions shall fully use the Off-campus Training Service Contract for Primary and Secondary School Students (Model), implement the training fee management policies formulated by the government, cooperate with commercial banks and other professional institutions to open special accounts for pre-charging, and implement the regular bank deduction mechanism for pre-charging.Encourage off-campus training institutions to charge fees after training.The measures also suggest that off-campus training institutions and insurance institutions can explore insurance mechanisms such as mutual insurance to ensure the security of advance fees, and financing guarantees for advance fees in special accounts are not allowed.It is forbidden to force or induce parents of primary and secondary school students to pay off-campus training fees in the form of installment loans.It is reported that thanks to the policy guidance of “double reduction” and the increase of sports score in the high school entrance examination, Shanghai students have increased the frequency of physical exercise and outdoor sports this year, and the myopia rate has dropped for the first time.In the future, the market demand for high-quality youth sports services will continue to grow.The standardized and personalized youth sports training will further enrich the content setting, promote the benign development of the industry, and help children and adolescents to effectively control the rising trend of overweight obesity rate and myopia rate.Note: The pictures used in this article are from the Internet