“Second generation of stars” Li Naiwen’s supporting life, debut 18 years of drama is not red, 47 years old feelings into a mystery

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He is a low-key and powerful acting school, leaving a deep impression in many films and TV works, such as Li Si in “Daqin Fu”, a spy in “On the Cliff”, and as the boss of a black-hearted pharmaceutical factory in “Dying to Survive”, which let Internet users hate.But even though he played so many excellent roles, but few people know his name, he is Li Naiwen, a debut 18 years, unknown to the public in the supporting role, but by acting amazing “golden male number two”.He is known as “women’s friend”, but the emotional life has been complicated and confusing, there have been three gossipy rumors, but also because of shy will actress lip swelling, the actor is not a good actor, but why Li Naiwen can by his own strength to prop up a play score?Song Dandan mention when he also bristled: “so good actor how not fire?”Netizens who like Li naiwen are also curious that it all has to do with his past.Li Naiwen is a “second generation of stars”. His mother is a drama actress in the theater, and his father is a respected old Chinese doctor of medicine.He was born into such a family, but he had an older brother. Having more mouths is not as simple as having more bowls and chopsticks, so he has never felt rich since 1974.In Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, facing endless loess and northwest wind with yellow sand every day, li Naiwen is just like a free bird, playing in the sunset all day long. His parents are busy with work and often have to go out to look for their son after returning home.Under such circumstances, Li Naiwen gradually began to play wild.5 years old, his parents transferred, moved to tianjin, my father saw the children go to the kindergarten, so he set out to nai-wen li to sign up, but nai-wen li went to not cry to make and want to go home in two days, the kindergarten, no place to play, and a day to be the teacher to take a nap, nai-wen li miss ningxia yellow.In order not to go to the kindergarten, Li Naiwen can be said to do everything in his power, splashing, rolling and crying, the father thoroughly toss out of temper.Then the mother had an idea and said, “Why don’t you take me to the theater?You can still help mother.”When Li Naiwen heard that he still had to work, he turned his head and said, “I won’t go.”The mother is very open-minded and thinks kindergarten is not necessary for her son. She has been busy with her work and has no time to accompany her son in the past few years, so it might be better to keep him around now.”If you were with mom, you wouldn’t have to go to kindergarten.”This can put Li Naiwen happy, a wheel from the ground to get up, for fear of his mother back.At that time Li mother was just transferred to tianjin people’s art theater, the cast is short of small actors, Li mother said nothing pushed out his son.A child who has not been exposed to performance, we have no expectations for him, as long as he can read the lines completely, even if pass, however, let everyone did not expect is that Li Naiwen actually read the lines in a good manner, but also with some of their own vivid performance, not shy.Li’s mother was struck by this, thinking that her son could be made, and maybe he could inherit his mother’s business.Lee nai-wen escaped kindergarten, but he could not escape nine years of compulsory education. He put his acting career behind him and quickly became one with his classmates by virtue of his lively and cheerful personality.When his mother asked him if he wanted to study acting so he could go to drama school, he refused without thinking.”I want to be a scientist in the future and invent a robot that can dry clothes automatically.”Li naiwen just wanted to be a scientist and had no interest in performing. However, when he grew up, people had a washing machine that could dry clothes automatically. However, this invention had nothing to do with him.In 1993, on the advice of his family, he applied for the Central Academy of Drama.Little do they know, it is this exam, let him from a cheerful boy become inferior, shy.Although the young performance has no impact, but Li Nai wen still remember the aunts and uncles praise, which made him feel that he had no problem in the test, sure enough, he passed the first test, but suffered a setback in the second test.Other students chose to perform in the form of comic comedy, but li found that his past experience was of no use, and finally he had to brave the radio gymnastics.The teacher who interviewed him at that time was Gong Li’s teacher Gao Jingwen, who had only one comment on Li naiwen: “Just so-so, no aura.”And because he could not meet the standard of government-funded students, Li naiwen had to study at his own expense, while other students’ tuition was only a few hundred, he had to spend five thousand.In 1993, 5,000 yuan was not a small amount for an ordinary family. Li naiwen was so frustrated that he even wanted to give up and couldn’t look up at his mother’s face when he returned home.His mother did not criticize him, but encouraged him: “Money matters do not need you to worry about, you need to do is to work hard, the future let the teacher know that it was his mistake to let you do self-funded students.”In this way, Li Naiwen took the five thousand yuan that his family had saved to scrape together and stepped into the school of The Central Opera, and wang Qianyuan, Liu Mintao and other popular actors in the future became classmates.In the school appearance is not outstanding, economic and poor he feels very inferior, even grades are worse than others.Fortunately, Li Naiwen kept in mind his mother’s words and began to chase after him bravely. He got up early every day in the woods to open his voice, stretch and practice his physique. In less than a year, he was completely reborn from the fire, not only achieved the first place in his professional performance, but also Gao Jingwen changed his mind and admitted that he had been wrong.However, when he really started acting, Li Naiwen found that the obstacles in his life had just passed and there were more setbacks waiting for him.When he was still in college, Li naiwen was chosen by a cast to play a supporting role as a villain. Li thought it was just a chance to sharpen his acting skills, but he was paid 5,000 yuan after finishing the film.Li Naiwen was very excited, at that time his monthly living expenses are less than two hundred, on the way home Li Naiwen some high, will be thick a pile of money on the chest pocket, for fear that others can not see him is a big money, the results just under the bus he touched his chest, masked, money.He did not dare to tell his mother this matter, had to lie that the money was as their living expenses, penniless he could only in the classmates and friends there ceng free food and drink to live.His tragedy has not ended, he fell into a curse during the university, as long as he plays a drama, play a yellow one, no one can row, not props not line, is not subject matter, or is planning linmen shot dead, even The drama directed by Wu Xiaojiang was his whole without temper.After graduation, Li naiwen worked in a theater and became a drama actor. However, at that time, the wages of drama were very cheap and few people saw drama. Before the age of 30, Li Naiwen had to rely on his parents to support his living expenses.Then, in 2003, perhaps god decided not to let him go, he was cast in a supporting role on Costco, which was his first screen experience and changed his life forever.A leading role in 2006, he began, starred in “my 2008”, and up critically acclaimed film “assembly”, in the same year, has his drama starring “encirclement and suppression” was an instant hit, he was a finalist for the lily by playing two xi award best actor, although there is no prize, but also let him completely firmly established in the film.Perhaps thanks to his seven years in theater, Li is at the peak of his acting skills and continues to improve. In his 18 years of acting so far, he has played hundreds of roles, mostly urban dramas, as well as roles that are both good and evil.Perhaps the best part of costume dramas is his role in the Empire of Daqin series, in which he excelled with intrigue and scheming in troubled times.And spy piece, as one of the most test acting kind of play, nai-wen li also hold very in place, but want to talk about intimate scene, is he the most headaches, 2005 nai-wen li and bingyan yan plays a pair, but when filming kiss made difficult, bingyan yan say: “you and your girlfriend kissing don’t open mouth?”Li naiwen blushed.It can be said that Lee’s intimate scenes grew up under the guidance of Yan Bing-yan. At that time, the two were also rumored to have a scandal. When the host of the show asked, “What kind of girl do you like?” Lee said, “I like girls who are strong.”Netizens started matching their seats and created a “CP” for Li and Yan.The two became close friends, not in the way everyone thought.It is interesting to note that in 2011, two people cooperation drama “again” again, intimate scene is still a lot of, two people meet old acquaintance nai-wen li a bit can’t open mouth, bingyan yan also feel he is very cute, laugh frequently, the ambiguous play down into comedy, under the embarrassing nai-wen li also bear so much, bow will chew directly, bingyan yan lips close to red,Ice packs had to be applied afterwards.Later, Li naiwen and Wang Likun were rumored to have affairs, because they played lovers in the screen, and lived in the same community in real life, and had close personal contacts, but these rumors were never substantiated.In 2015, it was also reported that Li Naiwen was the son-in-law of zhang Shaohua, a veteran actor, because Li also called her “mom” in life.But in fact, Zhang shaohua did not have a daughter, li Naiwen only because of respect for her, will continue to play the name of the play.Two months ago, and michelle nai-wen li being photographed together dinner, nai-wen li at the gate of the hotel and talk to michelle, so even smile bent the waist, in fact, two people are only worked once, but just this once became a pair of good friend, in fact, in this recent, nai-wen li was photographed walk with your beauty took photos, suspected in the relationship.After all, Li has always been loved by netizens for his low-key and acting skills. It is a great blessing for him to be able to leave his single life. Although he has not responded to the news, netizens have given him their best wishes.For Li Naiwen, he always wants to show his role in front of the audience, while in life, he prefers to hide in the crowd freely and live an ordinary life.