Russian media released the recording refuting the “atrocity” argument

2022-06-15 0 By

Ukraine has accused Russian troops of killing civilians in the so-called bucha incident, while Russia has accused Ukraine and the West of spreading false information.Western journalists who traveled to the area around Kiev in search of alleged Russian “atrocities” have found no evidence of any of the phone records obtained by Rossiya TV, according to a report on Tuesday.Instead, locals told reporters that the Russian army gave them food and treated them well.The report did not specify the source of the recording.Rt reported that phone records showed one Western journalist telling colleagues that he had gone to Borojiangka, a town on the outskirts of Kiev, about 25 kilometers northwest of Bucha, and that, contrary to his expectations, there were no bodies on the streets.’There are no bodies on the streets here. I just spoke to the police forensic expert. He didn’t see them either.’It is true that this place has been shelled more than Bucha, but there is no evidence of intentional killings.In fact, some old people told me that the Russian soldiers were very good to them, giving them water, food and so on.The report also said a phone call obtained by the outlet, allegedly from two officials of Ukraine’s State security Service, showed looting in another town, about 60 kilometers northwest of Bucha, by Ukrainian military personnel, not Russian troops.From March 24 to April 3, after Russian troops were driven out, Ukrainian military personnel came from marin.Anyway, these days, they’re looting, and it turns out the Russians don’t take anything, and our guys go in, and they’re looting everything.