“Qiu Gangneung: Starting from Dachang” 03: Run and try

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Many years ago, there was a popular medical advertisement called “sixty years old, thirty years old heart”. The effect of the advertisement was not just to sell products, but to remind people of the importance of staying young at heart.Qiu Jiangling, a teacher, suggested that middle-aged and old friends should “run” when making a speech on stage.At one point, I was on stage, giving what seemed to be a presentation, and I ran from backstage to the microphone and suddenly saw some commotion or surprise.Later, I watched Barack Obama take the stage and David Cameron get off the plane. It was also a little trot.I trotted ahead of the Austros and the Cabs, who were at best copycats.The effect of a few steps of trot is very different, and when you run, the smile on your face naturally rises. You look young, energetic, confident and ordinary.Most of our officials are dignified, dignified, sophisticated and unsmiling.Officials are frivolous and shallow if they run.Also often see small, small Cards are playful smiling face, if it is in China, the people can not accept.There is a picture let me 欷歔 for a long time: TV to see a little girl on campus to raise the flag, holding the flag of the corner to throw out, dexterous small body naturally fly a small step, hind legs then also become a beautiful Angle, good beautiful beauty!Movement is the physical and mental appearance, in what age there is what movement.Young people love to run, so running has become the physiological and psychological characteristics of young people.Even if you are no longer young, as long as you run, you are immediately younger.Don’t believe it?Try it!Written on December 12, 2013 qiu Jiangling, “60 male”.Researcher of Culture and Tourism Commission of Wanzhou District, Chongqing.Member of Chongqing Writers association.He used to be a middle school teacher and teaching and research member. Many achievements have been awarded by municipal (provincial) government and education Commission. He has published more than 20 teaching papers in national and provincial journals.For many years, he served as a representative of the municipal and district people’s Congress and a member of the Standing Committee of the District CPPCC.Willing to road, longer than with notes of interest, literature and history in university journals published many local history papers, the “three gorges dance” and so on many cultural creative projects be born in the city park plaza, prose anthology “from big prosperous”, in the chongqing morning post dragon frame newspaper “the three gorges literature” “wushan literature” “two rivers and beautiful” and so on newspaper (net) published prose, essays, published dozen,Song “Huang Ge Ballad” (lyrics) broadcast on CCTV “Avenue of Stars”.