Love dearly Faker!Hanbok is ruined by LPL players!Live broadcast angrily: this kind of person should be banned

2022-06-15 0 By

The spring competitions are in full swing, and in order to maintain the state and feel of the competition, many players are also in the late night hanbok crazy points.However, recently in T1, solo Faker was beaten by an LPL player in hanbok, who is OMG’s next player Able.Here’s the thing: Faker is playing a medium mage, Able is playing a downtrooper, and there’s Burdol on DK, as well as a variety of LDL and LCK minor league players, making it a little all-star.However, I didn’t expect Able to get sick again in this Rank. After catching a few times, Able got upset and started to play hard.In the end, Faker and Able predictably lost.The final result was 3-4-2 for Faker’s mage and 0-10-2 for Able’s Lady Police, who also died a lot to protect him and finished 1-6-1.After the game ended, Faker also broke the defense, not only reported Able, but also told the audience in the broadcast room: I reported this person for several years, why hasn’t been banned ah, he is not playing bad, but not good, this kind of person should be banned.In fact, Able is known for hanbok ghost, which has been reported by many professional players, originally thought that he would be a little bit less in Rank after playing LPL, but did not expect it.Opposite in fact as long as Able to, have a good win, because as long as you have been caught, according to him, he immediately began to play with LuanSong, can win the game will be lost, this is Faker most angry place, because so many years he basically just row to Able will somehow lose, for late at night in the training of professionals,This Rank is a waste of time.Beta thinks: before, it was LDL players, these things can be ignored, but now LPL has been added, which represents the quality of LPL players. We still hope OMG can strictly discipline us.It’s not the first time he’s played a negative game lately. He’s actually done a good job in the game, and it would help him if he could temper the mood on Rank a bit.I hope OMG will do a better job and not affect the team’s public opinion because of the off-court issues.So, what do you have to say about this?