Du Haitao: once with Wu Xin be regarded as a pair of children, by Shen Mengchen a spoony move

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Shen Mengchen and Du Haitao are a pair of lovers, both of them are hosts of Hunan SATELLITE TV.Du haitao rose to fame early as a member of the Happy Family and has been co-hosting the show with He Jiong Xie Na.In the memory of a lot of people, there is du Haitao this name, and with Wu Xin as a pair, but the name of Shen Mengchen is relatively unfamiliar.That year, Du Haitao participated in the “bright new anchor” talent show, broke into the five strong, and the runner-up is Wu Xin.They had similar experiences and the same starting point.Du Haitao said more than once, love xin sister.Wu Xin is five years older than Du haitao. Wu Xin’s lightness appeals to Du.After all, there is a little boy in every man’s heart, and he yearned for an older, strong-willed girl to make his decisions for him.But this kind of infatuation, wu Xin does not feel above all.Wu Xin also more than once, refused to Du Haitao’s good impression.After all, as women, they also want to be loved and protected, not as “sisters” or “mothers”.Also, if two people were meant to be together, they would have been together long ago, rather than unaroused.Their starting point of work is the same, plenty of contact opportunities, so, they have not been hand in hand, or fate did not arrive.May be for Wu Xin, Du Haitao or a little distance from the beauty of the mystery.Shen Mengchen participated in hunan annual star sister program debut, but the ability is not outstanding, her aura has been hidden in other hosts, fame on du Haitao cut.After Shen Mengchen and Du Haitao are together, everybody feels incredible, after all the great disparity of their identity is too big, did not think they were together already 8 years.At that time, the amour of Shen Mengchen and Du Haitao is experiencing huge test, everybody says Shen Mengchen is to ceng Du Haitao heat, belt red oneself.Did not think of the bigger trouble is still behind, when two people’s feelings tend to be stable, Du Haitao suddenly put forward to break up.Shen Mengchen feels very grievance, she feels she did not do anything wrong.However, in Du Haitao adhere to, Shen Mengchen or agreed to break up.Just beginning Shen Mengchen can pretend not to care about, before long, she began to miss and Du Haitao together time, she actively close to Du Haitao, want to compound, but Du Haitao is very indifferent to her.Shen Mengchen waits for 3 months bitter, also did not wait for du Haitao’s change of heart, then, one day midnight, Shen Mengchen secretly comes to Du Haitao home, open the door familiar scene blow on the face and come, that moment, she almost confiscate live tears.Shen Mengchen saw the lights in the room, the air conditioning is on, Du Haitao must not go far, and came to the shoe cabinet next to check, did not see anything different.Du Haitao must come back for a while, Shen Mengchen locked the door silently, pretending not to go in, waiting for Du Haitao at the door.Sure enough, after a while, Du Haitao hummed a ditty up the stairs.He saw Shen Mengchen, some surprise, but still did not say more, Shen Mengchen could not help but pounced on Du Haitao, said Shen Mengchen hot pursuit or, or she is infatuated, after this, Du Haitao and Shen Mengchen will compound.Later, referring to this experience, many people were amazed that the two had broken up for a while.However, now, Shen Mengchen to find Du Haitao in the middle of the night, is no different from an adventure, if she really found something in du Haitao home, I am afraid that two people are difficult to be reunited.Shen Mengchen is smaller than Du Haitao 2 years old, the likelihood accords with love melody quite, she can depend on person of bird in front of Du Haitao to the top of her bent, do du Haitao’s romantic harbor.This also in turn shows, Du Haitao heart has been hanging Shen Mengchen, otherwise, he will not also let Shen Mengchen keep the key to his home.Actually, Du Haitao and Shen Mengchen part company, the biggest reason is to worry cummer because he is scolded, the Shen Mengchen that is informed the truth is more hell-bent to Du Haitao nature.Now 2 people tie the knot, once upon a time small twists and turns, all become sweet memories, they two, a careful consideration for each other, a never abandon, the middle of the night for compound, from the group of mockery, to the whole network blessing, they are a pair of predestined relationship people.