Depth | former youth has gray hair, Lazio boss once said: 15 million euro can only buy his shoes

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Under the lead of conti last season, inter finally hold back to serie a championship trophy again after all these years, after inter win, the team top “cutting expenditure” for the champion coach conti opposition, eventually the two sides parted ways, originally expected, while losing luka libraries and two key Mr Conte inter will count,However, things have turned out to be unexpected, the most serious threat to inter milan title juve dropped out of the Champions League, napoli after winning nine games in the opening game has also been trampled by inter, now with 53 points at the top of serie A.As long as the momentum continues, there should be no question of retaining the title, but as inter prepare for the New Year, there has been some discord within the squad recently.Aleksandar Kolarov, a Serbian player, has approached the club’s hierarchy about retiring in the near future.Time is gone hero, retirement may be the best ending Who is Kolarov?Kolarov, born in 1985, won the Serbian player of the Year award in 2011 and has captained his country at two World Cups in South Africa and Russia.At club level, Kolarov made his debut in Serbia, playing for Lazio, Manchester United and roma before joining Inter milan in 2020, where he helped them win the Scudetto last season.Kolarov may not be a front-row player in Europe, but he is one of the biggest stars in Serbia.Now, as he gets older, he is increasingly marginalized in the inter dressing room.Kolarov has played just 48 minutes for Inter so far this season.Kolarov will play fewer minutes this season than last season, when he played less than 700 minutes. With his advanced age and injuries, retirement is probably the best option for kolarov.Retired do not fade, cora rove is still an important asset for the inter when cora rove is going to retire after the news, many know his fans are interpreted, think cora rove probably take a strategy, he is in this special way, in the inter coach team and management to express their dissatisfaction.He wants to play more games in the final moments of his career.However, from the point of view of inter’s senior management, Kolarov’s demands seem a little “extravagant”.However, inter compared with real Madrid, such a big club, after all, is a little more human, it is said that inter have basically agreed, as long as Kolarov can retire in inter, they will directly invite kolarov into the team management, in another way to continue the cooperation between the two sides.If that were the case, kolarov should, in all conscience, be content.What are inter’s intentions in keeping Kolarov out of line?Kolarov’s partnership with inter has come to an end in a relatively satisfactory way compared to most players, who will have to go home without a job after retiring from football.Inter milan’s history, invited retired players to join the team management, also there is no lack of precedent, previously sinisa mihajlovic at inter after his retirement, then inter coach roberto mancini, invited him into his coaching staff, while sinisa mihajlovic also happens to be cora rove former football idol, and their idol on the same career path, for cora rove,It was a blessing in disguise.Sinisa mihajlovic access to inter the coaching staff, with their a kick out of a foot, and cora rove to inter milan high-level drop militantly you invited him to join the management, is as a professional player with his past times, both inside and outside the stadium show the fighting spirit, and good professional quality, inter hope to by making cora rove move into management,To achieve the goal of improving the soft power of the inter dressing room, I’m afraid there is a son behind it.Belgrade to milan, cora rove had perfect moment from Belgrade to milan, cora rove spent his 18 year career as a professional player, cora rove came to domestic league from Serbia into serie a, it is not just for himself as a defender, can also has scored four goals in the season, but says cora rove in the green,He showed the ability to support and defend like an arrow through the clouds, making countless scouts excited.At first, however, Kolarov’s value and ability were severely underestimated.Lazio just spent 800000 euros to cora rove, lazio in the deal is a malicious made a fortune, cora rove soon gave the team a multiple return, in three years, cora rove rear build a iron gate at lazio, he completed a total of 63 steals and interception, 71 times and 150 times the pass,Kolarov also scored five goals as a backcourt player with the attributes of a full-back.Seeing kolarov’s success at lazio, Real Madrid have made an offer of 15 million euros for kolarov.Lazio’s boss rebuffed him with an interesting quote: “15 million euros?You can’t even buy Kolarov’s boots at that price!”The deal was eventually scuppered by the confident Real executives.Cora Mrs Although no longer young, but still valuable at the beginning with sinisa mihajlovic idol cora rove, had served in Rome with their idols, and a lot of famous super giant sinisa mihajlovic willing to help the junior rookie, especially to cora rove as descendants can take over his mantle, cora rove has just joined the team at the time of the time,Mihajlovic clearly told the latter, “Whatever help you need, you can call him!”Kolarov now inherits the qualities of his hero. Although he is no longer able to help the team on the pitch, he is still a strong voice and a leader in the inter dressing room. More importantly, kolarov is a leader for new players.The nerazzurri hierarchy needs kolarov in the future to be the glue between the front office and the dressing room.In the war out of the players, all become the big man as a Serbian player, cora rove childhood experienced a bitter war, was in a well-off family, he should have a desultory in the same year, but the war make cora rove want to play football has become a luxury, cora rove is more difficult than most professional situation.All the difficulties, however, don’t let the Balkan tough guy to yield, at the time of entering the giallorossi, but cora rove has been at the later period of his career, with Rome in jianghu position of European football, they could choose a better player, and roma boss insists that the introduction has no longer top cora rove,Even at the beginning roma owner parotta publicly issued a message to all the team management: kolarov like the player, I want 22 of him now!Have to admit, the boss is the boss, say words, really have the level!And Rome, conti coach of inter, first at the time of introducing cora rove, is also holding and Roman high-level point of view, for some of the team, the player’s technology and tactics level and competitive state does not seem to be the only standard to measure whether the players good, cora rove such, never short of market.Kolarov started playing professional football at the age of 19, and now he is nearly 37 years old. On the one hand, he lamenting the passing of time, on the other hand, kolarov’s career is also worth recalling.Throughout kolarov’s career, he always seemed to deliberately follow in the footsteps of mihajlovic, his hero, and eventually become him.For more content, check out scouting, legends of the game, and football preview analysis