Why are so many gold shops named zhou?A commercial monopoly?Coincidence?

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If you like to buy gold, you will find a lot of gold stores are “zhou”, so why so many brands selling gold are called Zhou XX, before zhou Dax, Zhou Sheng X, Zhou DaX, Saturday X, Zhou Jin X, Zhou BaiX and so on, is this a commercial monopoly, or coincidence?After all, the golden bosses in China are all zhou, aren’t they?In 1929, Zhou Zhiyuan, a native of Shunde, opened a zhoudafu Gold Bank with a very loud name, but the business was not successful until his son-in-law Zheng Yu-tong came into being. In 1956, under the environment of unspoken rules of the shoddy industry, Zheng Yu-tong was the first to introduce gold with 99.99% purity.At that time, the gold of CHOW Tai Fook was more expensive to pawn than other gold jewelry, and the reputation of chow Tai Fook was built on the high quality of gold, and it became the only Chinese brand among the top 10 luxury goods companies in the world.In 1934, but on the other side, also open a Jin Pu Zhou Fangpu, and named it Zhou Sheng sheng, a few years later, Zhou Fang spectrum let first inherited chow sang sang the “guangdong, hk &macau light jewelry &gold company”, let fannie and Freddie method inherits the chow sang sang jewelry &gold company, started the first and second get along very peaceful, but as the business grew, the arguments on both sides of the increasing,They all wanted to own chow Sang Sang’s brand and even filed a lawsuit. However, the three sons of the second family were very united in the family, and there was no internal economic struggle. Of course, their family was the sole leader of the family and created a brilliant career, becoming the first listed jewelry brand in Hong Kong.Compared with the two big brothers, Zhoutai Sheng, which was opened in 1999, is much younger. When it comes to details, it can’t compete with Chow Tai Fook. In terms of design, it is also inferior to Zhou Sheng Sheng.But don’t think it’s ready to throw in the towel.First of all, Lin Zhiling and Angela Baby were recruited to represent Zhou Dasheng. Zhou Dasheng quickly raised its popularity and opened the market. From this perspective, the birth of the above three companies is a coincidence, after all, out of 25 million people in China, three gold tycoons are reasonable.You see, ma’s family is only 14 million, but these two Internet giants.So as for the other gold brand, for the most part just and zhou house has nothing to do, surnamed li, founder Zhou Jinsheng weeks vice, surnamed zhang, founder week 6 f founder also surnamed li, he also filed a lawsuit against the weeks before the vice, said he is tort, the week vice not to be outdone, quickly responded 6 f is fake weeks dafoe, to say,Seeing zhou 6 fu and Zhou Baivice such brands to fight for zhou’s jewelry right of authorship, the earliest surname Zhou Dafu, he is not angry?Actually weeks dafoe, including weeks of trademark infringement, but lost also put in a lot of costs and attorney’s fees, since then, zhou dafoe also not care those copycat brands, like haidilao before suing the bottom sludge also didn’t succeed, but this cost is very low for imitators, name, in law is difficult to constitute infringement,But they can give consumers the illusion that these brands are one, so there are more and more zhou brands. If you search the keywords of “Zhou Family” jewelry online, there are more than 8,000 results in a year alone.If you study the registered address of these enterprises, most of their data are from the same place, Shuibei Industrial Zone, Luohu District, Shenzhen city, Guangdong Province. About 50% of the jewelry in China is produced here. Shuibei Industrial Zone has a complete gold industry chain, which makes a large number of OEM brands rich, but the price and cost of gold is transparent.Every penny earned is a premium on a cost basis, so the value of the brand is very important.The same OEM jewelry fashion brand label can be two or three times more expensive than solid.So it has a large number of OEM want to do independent brand, hoping to raise their premium through “Zhou” home.