Shuiqingxia self-deprecating champion coach with 30% effect 0-2 after the tang Jiali king frost line no line on the next

2022-06-14 0 By

Yesterday, CCTV “face to face” broadcast an interview with shui Qingxia, the head coach of the team that won the women’s Asian Cup.Talking about the first half 0-2 down, Shui Qingxia revealed the first break to the whole team “lecture” content, which is more severe is that she criticized Tang Jiali and Wang Shuang, and directly asked the core of the two teams: “can not line, not on the next.”When asked how much her coach had to do with her victory, Shui said it was 30 percent, but netizens said it must be more than 30 percent.The day before the game, Shui Qingxia encouraged the team said, I hope you tomorrow on the field is a warrior warrior, not a little princess.In the Asian Cup women’s final between China and South Korea, China conceded two goals in a row in the first half to go 2-0 down.Shui Qingxia revealed that she first gave the players encouragement during the break, life can have a few fights, not necessarily to win the championship, the second half you have to give me up first, to show the indomitable spirit of Chinese women’s football team.The first half of tang Beauty and Wang Frost performance is not very good, Shuiqingxia directly “accountability”, asked the two core “can not line, not on the next.”In fact, all the netizens know that Wang Shuang has an injury, has not recovered, the second half of The water Qingxia replaced Wang Shuang, the substitution became the turning point of the audience.Shui Qingxia said that before the game, she knew that Wang Shuang could not play the whole game. Before the game, she had been struggling with whether to let her play first or later, and then decided to let Wang Shuang start.Although the second half of the replacement of Wang Frost, Shui Qingxia wang Frost performance or to the coach level of affirmation – “her performance has been very good”.When asked about the role of the coach in the victory, She modestly said that the coach probably played 30 percent of the role.