Mediatek’s January revenue of 43.5 billion yuan stood at 40 billion yuan for the third consecutive month, hitting a monthly high for the same period

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IC design giant Mediatek in 2021 hit a record high after the operation momentum continues, 11 announced in January 2022 revenue, the amount of 43.5 billion yuan, compared with December 2021 decreased by 5.8%, but compared with the same period of 2021 is still up 23.12%, the third consecutive month stand 40 billion yuan mark, also set a record high for the same period in a single month.Mediatek previously said it expects first-quarter revenue to be 131.2 billion to 141.5 billion Taiwan dollars, up 2 percent to 10 percent quarterly and 21 percent to 31 percent annually, at an exchange rate of 27.7 Taiwan dollars to the U.S. dollar. Its operating margin is expected to be 47.5 percent to 50.5 percent.Based on January’s results, revenue would have to average more than 43.8 billion yuan in the next two months of the first quarter to meet earnings forecasts.”Mediatek’s outstanding financial performance comes from its successful early implementation of 5G and Wi-Fi 6, enabling it to participate fully in the entire product cycle, reflecting mediatek’s industry-leading low-power technology, and disciplined operating results,” said CAI Lixing, CEO of Mediatek, at a previous briefing.Mediatek is able to expand its market and provide more value to its customers based on its superior technological competitiveness.Looking ahead to the first quarter of 2022, Tsai highlighted that revenue growth from improved 5G penetration and shipments of its flagship Phecda 9000 chip will offset lower seasonal demand in some consumer products.Mediatek also expects a higher proportion of high-value products in all revenue categories, which will benefit gross margin improvement.Mr Tsai also stressed, mediatek also positively technology needed three years of investment growth, core development capacity extends to more high-end computing, high performance/drawing IP, low power consumption for low latency and more widely used 5 g modems, the next time the wi-fi and the security of IP and so on, and according to different platforms and ecological system, and integrated to the advanced system architecture,Mediatek is also working with foundry partners on advanced manufacturing processes and 3D Chiplets technology to support these products.Therefore, Mediatek’s market outlook is optimistic. It is expected that the potential market will grow from $80 billion in 2021 to $140 billion in 2024. With its outstanding key technologies, Mediatek’s annual revenue is expected to grow by more than 20% and its revenue will grow at a cagR of 15% in the next three years.(Photo by Science and Technology News)