Circular No.32 of Nantong City on Epidemic Prevention and Control of 2022

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Litchi News on April 4, Nantong issued the No. 32 Notification of epidemic Prevention and Control of 2022.Details: Nantong Circular No. 32 of 2022 on Epidemic Prevention and Control (New asymptomatic infected persons and preliminary positive persons from 00:00 to 24:00 on April 3)Six asymptomatic domestic COVID-19 cases were reported, including four cases detected in routine tests at centralized quarantine sites and two cases detected in nucleic acid tests among key populations.Two additional positive cases were found in routine tests at centralized isolation sites and screening of key populations.The travel track of relevant personnel involves the appended new risk points (the same risk points previously announced have been controlled and will not be repeated).Since March 4, there have been no locally confirmed COVID-19 cases in The city. A total of 61 asymptomatic COVID-19 cases have been reported in The city. Three asymptomatic COVID-19 cases have been released from medical observation, and 58 have been quarantined in designated medical institutions for medical observation.The general public is hereby reminded to report to the town (street) and village (community) immediately if they find any overlap with the announced travel tracks of relevant personnel, and cooperate with the implementation of the flow investigation, nucleic acid testing, isolation control and other measures.Those who conceal their close contact with a confirmed case or an asymptomatic infected person, thus causing the spread of the epidemic, will bear corresponding legal responsibility.The city will assign a health code “yellow code” to the spacetime companions of persons who are positive in the nucleic acid test of novel Coronavirus. Please pay attention to the status of the health code in time.Once found to be “yellow code”, should immediately take the initiative to report to the community (village) and unit, to implement corresponding health management measures.If it is determined to be close or sub-close after re-screening by the local prevention and control finger, corresponding health management measures shall be implemented;Other “yellow code” personnel should be monitored at home for 7 days and nucleic acid test on the first, third and seventh days.If “yellow code” personnel need sampling and testing or medical treatment, they should go to special nucleic acid sampling sites and designated hospitals (see the attached list).Set up temporary or mobile “yellow code” sampling points (to be separately issued by the territorial defense headquarters) in communities with large numbers of “yellow code”. If you have any objection to the code assignment, please apply to your community (village) for review in time.Please continue to enhance awareness of prevention, adhere to the “three-piece epidemic prevention package”, wear masks, maintain social distancing and pay attention to personal hygiene;Remember the six things to do: wear a mask, keep social distancing, cover your coughs and sneezes, wash your hands often, open your Windows as much as possible, and get vaccinated.If you have fever, cough and other symptoms, go to the nearest fever clinic in time under the premise of personal protection.Nantong COVID – 19 outbreak zone spreading headquarters on April 4, 2022, relevant staff basic information and travel track involves new risk point of asymptomatic patients and 56: ryu, female, 30 years old, workers, the rent nantong wide industry garment co., LTD. (its northeast goods through a road park, about 270 meters) near the houses, the department of asymptomatic patients 22 wang mou of close contacts.March 29th, Chantley’s Deli (Group 3, 294, 16 Lidon Village, Pioneer Street).March 30, Tongzhou District Fu Feng road nucleic acid sampling point, beef bones self-service hot pot shop (pioneer store).March 31, tongjia road and police Station Road intersection near the vanguard flour noodle wholesale department, Hualian supermarket.Asymptomatic infected person 57: Guo, male, 31 years old, temporary worker, who rents a house near Nantong Guangye Garment Co., LTD., is a close contact of asymptomatic infected person 22 Wang.March 28-29, near Haiyue Jiayuan Of Nantong Economic and Technological Development Zone.March 30, tong Nong logistics temporary trading point roadside vegetable stalls, fresh supermarket (Xianfeng Street road, 40 meters north of the Fufeng building).Asymptomatic infected person 58: Cao, male, 50 years old, truck driver, living in Farmers new Village, Hainan (No. 668, South Shi Zhen Road, Hai ‘an).Mar. 28 – Apr. 2, Jiangsu Tracyuan Food Co., LTD. (Group 23, Chai Wan Ju, Chengbei Street, Rugao City)Mar. 30th, CnPEC refueling station (789 Huashi Road, Rugao City).March 31, Chengbei Fish soup noodle shop (80 meters east to the north of the intersection of Nanya Line and Yishou North Road, Rugao city).Asymptomatic infected person 59: Xu, female, 50 years old, office worker, living in Guangmingli Yingjiayuan (No. 1 Guangming Road, Chongchuan District), is a close contact of asymptomatic infected person 52.March 30th, Nantong Star shoes Co., LTD. (Tongzhou District Sea line), Hongqiao new village.Photo taken on March 31, 2019 shows the nucleic acid sampling site of the Third People’s Hospital of Nantong.Asymptomatic infected person 60: Sun mou, female, 51 years old, vegetable farmer, renting group 51, Yingyang Village, Shizong Town, Tongzhou District.From March 30 to April 2, nucleic acid sampling site of Yingyang Village.March 30, Sicheng agricultural assets management department (ten total town Yingyang village center road).An enclosure at the junction of Yingyang Central Road and Qingfeng Line, March 31, 2019.April 2, yingyang Center road convenience supermarket.Asymptomatic infected person 61: Fang, female, 47 years old, worker, living in the collective dormitory of Sihai Packaging Factory (Group 4, Zhinan Village, Chuanjiang Town), is a close contact of asymptomatic infected person 42, Lu.March 28-31, Sihai Packaging Factory.March 31, Jiluo daily life supermarket (about 140 meters southeast of Jiafeng Primary School, Huaxin Road, Tongzhou District).Positive person 1: Jia, male, 53 years old, vegetable farmer, rented group 51, Yingyang Village, Shizong Town, Tongzhou District, is a close contact of asymptomatic infected person 60, Sun.On March 28, shizong town police station, Sicheng Agricultural materials Management Department (Shizong Town Yingyang Village center road), China Post Yu West branch (dierzhen Yu Northwest second line) near the roadside.March 30, Laogangqiao village roadside (dongshe town tongdig road east 200 meters), Wang Zhaoxuan clinic (Shizong town Shuangdun village).March 31, Luoyan South bridge (Ten total town Yingyang Center Road).Positive person 2: Zhang mou, male, 49 years old, worker, xianfeng Street Garden new village community.March 28-31, Fangjiali Weaving Factory (Building 8, Xianfeng Street Business Park).March 29, Xianfeng Farmers market (about 80 meters southeast of the intersection of Lvtong Line and Zhenxian Road, Tongzhou District).On March 30th, The Ninth Garden Community (Xianfeng Street).On March 31, Xianfeng Petrochemical gas station century Avenue station (about 110 meters to the northeast of the intersection of Garden Road and Century Avenue), tongnong logistics temporary trading point roadside, garden new village downstairs flowing strawberry stand.April 1st, April 3rd, at the gate of huayuan New Village.(Source: Nantong) Source: Litchi News