After knowing that the eternal unbreakable open free week, the old player unexpectedly met to set up a team fried fish?It ended badly

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If there’s one domestic app that’s been the most popular lately, it’s The Battle Royale, a martial arts game released by 24 Studio last summer.The buyout game sold 7 million copies in less than six months and earned 1.4 billion yuan, making it the biggest surprise of 2021.After half a year of operation, The game has successfully stabilized its popularity with frequent updates. Players can enjoy a whole day’s happiness in jukuzhou competition every day. In order to make players enjoy themselves more, the official has launched a free trial play activity recently, which makes the game heat up sharply again.The free trial will last for four days from February 19 to 22. Players will be able to participate in the free trial through multiple channels (including the official website, Steam and Epic), and all data generated during the trial will be preserved forever.After the official start of the 19 activities, a large number of sprout new players poured into Jukuizhou, many old players have opened the trumpet to prepare a team fried fish, the results are unexpected.In the free event, the trial players will be matched with the official version of the game in two pools, and the trial players will be matched with the trial players first. The authorities want to ensure that new players don’t quit the game because of abuse.However, since the game’s double and triple row function is enabled, the official version of the players can team up with the trial players, but so the team will first match the trial players, based on this setting, some of the old players will also match the cute new players led by the boss, the result is beaten by the opponent.In short, “Forever” free week after the opening, jukutzhou more happy, there are cute new people in the bronze bureau crazy test, and the big guy with a good brother happy blunt points, there are old players open a trumpet to re-experience the upgrade of happiness.And once the players go to the head, they can also enjoy the promotion price through the official website, Steam, Epic platform, the lowest discount can be 5.8 percent, almost half of the usual price, I wonder if you are interested?Free week of The Eternal Chronicles begins, how did the brothers of fried fish finally experience it?