8 Science Trivia facts: Where does Earth’s gold Come from?Is it true that fish can’t talk in water?

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1. Where does the earth’s gold come from?Gold is not actually the product of the earth, but from billions of years ago, in a meteorite fall caused by meteorites synthetic, strictly from the supernova or a neutron star, the total output of about 60 trillion tons of gold upon earth, if the earth all gold flat out on the ground, then can be paved with 3 m thick, but need to know is,Most of the gold is unextractable in the earth’s core, making up just 0.1% of the total.2, fish in the water really don’t talk?No, fish have their own language. They just don’t have vocal cords like humans or other animals do, but they can speak through their gas-filled swim bladders, rub their muscles and otherwise squeeze others into different places to communicate.You know that awful can of herring?The fish can even communicate by emitting air and fart sounds.3. Why do airplane doors have to be closed manually instead of automatically?The first is the cost problem, the replacement of automatic doors will not only increase the manufacturing cost of the aircraft, but also increase the weight of the aircraft, fuel consumption will increase.Then there is the safety and reliability of the aircraft.Engine room door as the only connection mechanism with the external space, both sealing and safety are very important, and the replacement of automatic door requires a series of electronic components for control, if the failure of electronic components in the high air, it is likely to lead to the aircraft door can not be opened, resulting in inestimable consequences.4. Why do big trucks have manual transmission?The first is the price, because for this kind of vehicle, cost control is the most important, so the low price of manual transmission cars will be generally selected.And manual transmission car not only fuel saving, failure rate and maintenance costs are relatively low, and manual transmission strain capacity is stronger than automatic.In addition, manual transmission cars need drivers with hands and feet, in long-distance transportation need frequent shift operation, but also can always concentrate, these are automatic transmission does not have, after all, the risk of large trucks is relatively high, to ensure that the truck is always in the driver’s control, to ensure that safety is the most important.5. How was the underwater tunnel built when the water was so deep?There are currently two conventional construction methods. The first is shield tunneling, which involves using a shield machine to cut through rock from one end of the ocean floor to the other, and then laying pipes, which is the most efficient method.And then there is the sinking method, where the pipes are built on shore and then sunk to the bottom of the sea for docking, which needs to be precise, with an error of less than two millimeters.The hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge undersea tunnel in China is the only deep submerged tube tunnel in the world.6. Will charging your phone overnight affect your phone?When the phone is fully charged, if you don’t unplug it in time, it will keep the battery in a full state, which will only accelerate the loss of the battery, so when we are fully charged, it is best to unplug the power in time.7. Does the car cold start need the original geothermal car?In fact, the so-called car hot car, is to make the car in a long time under the low temperature environment of the oil to return to normal, in order to enhance the engine and the running parts to reach the normal working temperature.If you drive away directly after cold start, it will cause irreversible damage to the engine, so it is best to carry out the original geothermal car if there is time.8. How much do I need to fill my bank card?For bank CARDS are also can be full, but there is a difference between each bank deposit amount, most of the card can endure to 13 digits, a little more, you can save up to 15 digits, but contains two decimal places are limited, is mainly determined by the banking system, after all the documents need to hit the specific amount, if the number is too long, it is hard to print it.Based on my current salary, it would take you four billion years to complete your bank account without eating or drinking. How many years would it take?Knowledge sharing should be fun and useful!