Zhao Jiwei 12+16+7+6, Liaoning victory with xi perfect ending!

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And on the field against Ningbo, liaoning against the same with xi without suspense, but as the second stage of the final battle, or worth paying attention to.Zhu was in fine form, scoring six of Liaoning’s first seven points with an assist from Jiwei, making the most of his size and flexibility.It is no exaggeration to say that this is the second stage of Zhu Rongzhen played the most outstanding game.In the first half alone, Ji Wei had eight assists, three steals and two rebounds, not counting free throws to Fu Hao and Zhu Rongzhen.This quarter liaoning team other players played very relaxed, Morland continued to attack the basket is also very determined, and even played behind the dribble.Liaoning built a 12-point lead, 37-25, in the first quarter, thanks to an impressive run by Ji Wei.The second quarter Moreland played as positive as ever, turning jump shots also hit.Liaoning, which led too much in the quarter, relaxed and made some mistakes on the offensive end as Tongxi narrowed the deficit to nine points.Fortunately, the birthday boy fuge timely help Liaoning team continued to attack the firepower, Liaoning team in the fuge led by the sudden three points rain, Fuge, Ji Wei and small cong threw 4 consecutive 3-pointers, Liaoning team instant score to 58-40!With the Xi team can only struggle to catch up, with the two sides of the final attack on the floor of the three points, half of the game against Team Liaoning 70-53 far ahead!Half – have 4 players in double figures, including plexus tomorrow outside the three-point line 7 5 team-high 17 points, Zhu Rongzhen 6 efficient scored 13 points, 5, 11 points, following the great comprehensive 10 points and 12 assists 6 game 4 rebounds data, moran had 9 points, so the universal soldier – no wonder half made up a big lead.Liaoning shot 10 3-pointers in the first half, so in the second half of tongxi from the zone to double team, but this left zhu Rongzhen open, zhu rongzhen seized most of the opportunities to score, Tongxi not only failed to close the score, liaoning team 83-58 extended the lead to 25 points.Ferg played happily, giving himself a birthday present with a steal and dunk dragon, and the bench was jubilant!Liaoning led by 31 points, 93-62, when Zhu rongzhen shot and stole from the floor, but Lao Jiwei left the game with 12 points, 16 assists, seven steals and six rebounds.Finally Liaoning team easily beat with Xi, complete the Chinese zodiac year of the Ox all the game!At the end of the year, Liaoning team, which had been busy for another year, entered the second window period, and the team also got a rare rest time.Liaoning team injury and fatigue have reached a peak, the team just take advantage of this time to adjust and buffer, for the next stage of the third stage of the game to build strength!I wish liao basket soldiers happy New Year, eli fight again!I also wish you a happy and healthy Year of the Tiger!