Yangzhou consumers’ Association last year recovered losses of 4.4893 million yuan and accepted 12,000 appeals

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This article is transferred from: China News network on March 15, Yangzhou held “March 15” press conference.Jiangsu News, March 15 (reporter Cui Jiaming) “Explore the ‘Internet + rights protection’ model, expand the use of ‘wisdom 315’ platform and ‘fingertips 315’, promote 12315 and 12345 ‘double number parallel’, carry out ‘enterprise customer service day’ consulting service activities, deepen the construction of enterprise reconciliation mechanism.We received 45,000 person-times of consultation, accepted 12,000 appeals, and saved 4.4893 million yuan of economic losses for consumers. During the epidemic, we realized the mediation of rights protection in different places through ‘safeguarding rights on the cloud’.”Su Ming, deputy director of Yangzhou Market Supervision Administration bureau and president of Yangzhou Consumer Association, announced at a press conference on March 15.March 15 marks the 40th International Consumer Rights Day this year.The China Consumers Association has determined that the theme of the year of Consumer Rights Protection in 2022 will be “Jointly promoting consumer Equity”.”Jointly promoting fair consumption” has four connotations: strictly implementing legal provisions to achieve more guaranteed fair consumption;Actively guide the “good science and technology” to achieve a deeper level of consumption equity;Strengthen the protection of special groups to achieve greater consumption equity;Practice green and low-carbon consumption to achieve more sustainable and equitable consumption.”Market supervision and administration of yangzhou and yangzhou city disappear assist will stick to 2022 consumer rights protection in the theme, set up the” big market, big regulation, the rights “concept, actively to consumer rights protection work into the regional economy development in high quality considerations, to design, with the attitude of” into “, “strong” kinetic energy, create a higher quality, more speak fair consumption environment,Make a positive contribution to building Yangzhou into ‘three famous cities’ and striving for’ Three models’.”Su Ming said.March 15 is the annual “March 15” International Consumer Rights Day.On the same day, yangzhou held a press conference on March 15 to report the statistical analysis report on consumer complaints in 2021, the ten typical cases of consumer rights protection handled by yangzhou consumers’ association system in 2021, and the typical cases in the consumer field investigated and dealt with by Yangzhou market supervision department in 2021.The statistical analysis report of consumer complaints in Yangzhou in 2021 shows that: after verification, a total of 9362 complaints meet the acceptance requirements according to law, and 9166 complaints have been handled, accounting for 98%.Among the service complaints, 667 were about catering and accommodation services, accounting for 7.1% of the total number of complaints, ranking first.337 complaints about education and training services, accounting for 3.6% of the total number of complaints;286 complaints about cultural entertainment and sports services, accounting for 3.05% of the total number of complaints;Beauty salon bath service complaints 181, accounting for 1.93% of the total number of complaints, ranking the top four.