Small year to send blessings, these customs and poems please tell the children

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Today is the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month. In the north, people call this day “Xiao Nian”.The 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month in the north, the 24th day of the twelfth lunar month in the south, although there are some differences in time, but the little New Year to, year, is coming.After this day, people officially start the “Spring Festival mode”, and every family begins to prepare for the Spring Festival.(illustrations production | FanWei) the legend of the origin of the off-year off-year legend god essentially civilian ying-ying went, marry after all the racket, lost all of his possessions to take to the streets to beg.One day, he begged to ex-wife Guo Dingxiang home, ashamed, a drill to the bottom of the cooker burned to death.After hearing this, the Jade Emperor thought that Zhang could change his mind and was not bad enough. Since he had died at the bottom of the pot, he appointed him king of the kitchen and reported to heaven on the 23rd and 24th days of the 12th lunar month and returned to the bottom of the kitchen on the 30th day of the lunar New Year.The people felt that the kitchen king must be respected because he had to report to heaven.Therefore, the people have the 23rd and 24th of the 12th month of the twelfth lunar month “xiaonian”, pray for peace and wealth in the coming year.In ancient times, there was a tradition of “three officials, four people, four boats and five”. The official year was the 23rd month of the Twelfth lunar month, the 24th month of the twelfth lunar month for people, and the 25th month of the twelfth month for people on the water.Legend has it that this day is the day of “Kitchen God heaven”, in the Northern Song Dynasty, xiao Nian is not called xiao Nian, called “Jiaonianjie”, meaning around the start of spring, the turn of the festival.The main folk activities during the Off-year period are pasting Spring Festival couplets, pasting window decorations and offering sacrifices to cooking stoves.When is the Little New Year?Each place has the different concept and the date, the northern region is the twelfth lunar month 23, part of the southern region is the twelfth lunar month 24, jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai area “twelfth lunar Month 24” and “the night before the New Year’s Eve” are known as xiao Nian.As the saying goes, “Xiao Nian” is not small, after this day, people began to enter the stage of preparing for the New Year: 23 sweet melon sticky;Twenty-four Sweep the house;Twenty-five grind tofu;Twenty-six stew meat;27 Kill the cock;Twenty-eight handfuls of noodles;Twenty-nine steamed buns;Thirty nights stay up all night, New Year’s day twist!Every little New Year comes, every family should clean the environment, cleaning all kinds of appliances, unwashing bedding and curtains, sweeping the room courtyard, dusting dirt and cobwebs, clean and welcome the Spring Festival.The north is called “sweeping the house”, and the south is also called “shan Dust”.Because “dust” and “Chen” homophonic, New Year dust sweep in addition to “Chen” (dust) cloth new meaning, its intention is to all the “poor luck” “bad luck” all swept out of the house, with people old and new good wishes.Paper-cut pastes are mostly themed with patterns with auspicious connotations, such as magpies climbing plum blossoms, deer Hetong Chun (six contracts in spring), five bats (blessing) holding longevity, lotus (lian) years with fish (remaining), mandarin ducks playing in water, and hehe two impresses.Red paper-cut pastes in clean a new room, more add joy.Eat kitchen candy kitchen candy, there is a layer of sesame outside, inside is solidified with maltose and become, spleen and stomach, nourishing Yin qinghuo, runfei cough effect.According to folklore, every year on the 23rd day of the 12th month, the Kitchen God reports to the Jade Emperor the goodness and evil of the family from heaven, for the Jade Emperor to reward and punish them.So people will offer sacrifices to the kitchen, meaning to paste sugar in the mouth of the kitchen God, heaven said some sweet words.Eat jiaozi xiao Nian, folk eat jiaozi.Take the meaning of “seeing off dumplings face to the wind”.In many areas, people begin to eat dumplings as soon as the twelfth lunar month arrives.Winter solstice to eat, off-year also to eat, and New Year 30, the first day of the first five seven also want to eat dumplings……Bath and haircut in the small year, adults, children have to bath, haircut, folk “have no money, shave the head for the New Year”.The aim of bathing is to remove the dust and bad luck of the last year and bring good luck to the New Year.So, in addition to the home to look new, every family members to take a bath, hair, fade the past bad luck, open the New Year auspicious and smooth good omen.Off-year poetry Off-year Wen Tianxiang (Song) Yanshuo meet poor wax, Jiangnan worship off-year.At the age of life in music, life and death for the edge.Crow noise thousand mountains snow, hongfei thousands of days.Out of the meaning of the boundless, but at a loss.Worship stove poem Lv Mengzheng (Song) a bowl of clear soup poem, kitchen jun today on the sky.If the Jade Emperor asks about human affairs, articles in troubled times are worthless.Fan Chengda (Song) ancient Fu Twelfth month 24, the kitchen to say things.Cloud car wind horse small liu Lian, home cup plate fengdian worship.Pig’s head rotten hot double fish, bean paste gansong powder bait group.A man shall dedicate his daughter to avoid, but only her wine.Maidservant struggle jun mo smell, cats and dogs horn tourette jun Mo Chen;Send you drunk dengmen, ladle long ladle short do not answer cloud, beg for profit return points.Su Shi (Song) North ship less than meters such as beads, drunk depression half a month without.Tomorrow club when sacrifice kitchen, only chicken fight wine to CARpe ME.Offering the kitchen and adjacent qu Fu Lu you (Song) has been lucky suspension car show children, is to offer the kitchen please neighbor.At the age of custom for a long time, the guests and hosts a new laugh.Snow temples sit well know respect for the old, tile pot is not ashamed of poverty.Ask you this evening MAO Eaves bottom, like the original head music community god?Xiao Nian, celebrated by Lao She on 23, is almost a dress rehearsal for the New Year.In the old society, every family worshipped the kitchen king in the evening, and firecrackers rang out from a black spot. Along with the sound of firecrackers, the paper of the kitchen King was burned, and it was called the Kitchen King sent to heaven.A few days ago, there were more or less in the street selling maltose and rice candy, candy shaped or rectangular or melon shaped.According to the old saying, if sugar sticks to the mouth of the kitchen King, he will not report bad things in his family to the Jade Emperor in heaven.Now, there are candy shops, but only for everyone, and they no longer stick to the kitchen king’s mouth.After 23, everyone is more busy, the New Year blink of an eye to ah.Before the New Year’s Eve, every family must put up Spring Festival couplets, must have a thorough cleaning, called sweeping.There must be enough meat, chicken, fish, vegetables and rice cakes to last at least a week — according to the old custom, most shops were closed for five days and opened on the sixth day of the first lunar month.If you do not prepare food for the next few days, it is not easy to replenish temporarily.”Peiping Year” Liang Shiqiu (excerpt) after the festival, the year in you.Pewter censers, pewter sticks, pewter fruit bowls, and saucers are hauled out of their cobwebbed chests for the annual scrub.Palace lantern, gauze lamp, ox horn lamp, together out of the cage.New Year’s goods should also be prepared as early as possible, including dry goods used in the kitchen, dried apples and fruits used for worshiping gods and ancestors, peony daffodils offered in the house, and miscellaneous foods for children to eat.Honey is already in baiyunguan ordered, when the time comes, a bowl of paper paste basket with a bowl to send to the door.The size of the home, in and out, such as wind devils.Housewife of course has extra burden more, want to prepare new clothes new shoes new socks to everybody, although it is cloth shoe cloth socks cloth big unlined upper garment, always want fluctuation new.The Past Year mo Yan (Excerpt) After laba another half month, it is the day of ci Zao.We also call the Day of ci Zao xiao Nian there, so we live it more seriously.Breakfast and lunch or weekday rough food, dinner is a dumpling.I ate a light breakfast and lunch to wait for the dumplings.At that time my appetite is really amazing, can eat how many dumplings do not say scary.Ci zao is a ceremony, that is, when the dumplings out of the pot, first filled out two bowls for the stove, and then burn half knife yellow table paper, the stove horse also burned.Burning finished, the dumpling soup drips a little on the paper ash, and then knock a head, even if the worship stove is finished.That’s the easiest.Richer people would buy some guandong sugar and put it in front of the kitchen. The idea was that the Kitchen God, who was about to report his work to Heaven, would taste some sweetness and speak good words to God.Others say it is to stick the kitchen God’s mouth with kwantung sugar.This kind of argument is unreasonable, you stick to his mouth, the bad is can’t say, but the good also can’t say!I wish you and your family peace and happiness today