Professor Yu xiaoyu’s team “Shanghai Enterprise Innovation and High Quality Development Research Center” was approved as Shanghai Soft Science Research Base

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China New Network Shanghai news on April 7(Xu Jing) Recently, The Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission issued a notice, the “Shanghai Enterprise Innovation and High-quality Development Research Center” led by Professor Yu Xiaoyu, vice dean of School of Management, Shanghai University was approved as the Soft science research base of Shanghai.Shanghai Soft Science Research Base is an important part of Shanghai science and technology innovation system and a major municipal innovation platform for soft science research.Base construction adhere to the “government-led, social participation, open collaboration, the pursuit of excellence” of the basic principles, focus on the national and Shanghai major strategic requirements, closely around the global influence of science and technology innovation center construction goal, for important areas and important prospective problems, science and technology innovation to carry out the continuous in-depth study professional characteristics,Through the construction of the base, the level of soft science research and the efficiency of service decision-making in Shanghai will be enhanced, and a number of scientific and technological innovation think tanks and research teams with distinctive characteristics, institutional innovation and development leading that are urgently needed by the country and Shanghai will be accelerated to build a brand of soft science research in Shanghai.From the launch of soft science research bases in Shanghai in 2012 to this application, a total of 10 have been approved for construction.Professor Yu xiaoyu’s team focused on the bidding guide topic “Enterprise innovation”, condensed and applied the theme of “Shanghai Enterprise Innovation and High Quality Development Research Center”, and was finally selected after two rounds of evaluation including letter evaluation and meeting evaluation.”Shanghai Enterprise Innovation and High-quality Development Research Center” relies on “Digital Innovation Management and Governance”, a key innovation team of Shanghai high-level local universities, with the mission of “building enterprises into powerful innovation subjects, accelerating the construction of world-class enterprises, and promoting high-quality development”.Continue to carry out in-depth and systematic research on the four directions of “Status quo and trend of enterprise innovation of standard high-quality development”, “Enterprise innovation theory and mode oriented to high-quality development”, “Enterprise innovation monitoring and evaluation based on high-quality development”, and “Enterprise innovation ecology and governance supporting high-quality development”.It is committed to building and growing into an authoritative think tank serving Shanghai enterprises’ innovation and high-quality development strategy, building and operating an innovation platform for academic and policy research on enterprise innovation and high-quality development, gathering and cultivating a group of soft science research team familiar with Shanghai enterprises’ innovation and development and policy practice.Since being selected as one of the first batch of Key Innovation teams of Shanghai High-level local universities in 2016, Professor Yu xiaoyu’s team has made outstanding achievements and wide influence in soft science research.Our team has undertaken nearly 100 soft science commissioned projects, theme projects and key projects, and dozens of research papers. We have received positive instructions from vice state, provincial and ministerial leaders for many times, providing intellectual support for Shanghai enterprises’ innovation.Also closely undertake the key work of the municipal government, municipal Science and Technology Commission and Baoshan District, directly participate in the drafting of important regulations and plans such as “Regulations of Shanghai on Promoting the Construction of Science and Technology Innovation Center”, and publish innovation indexes and “white papers” that have attracted wide attention such as “Shanghai Top 100 High-tech Enterprises in Innovation Investment” in “Pujiang Innovation Forum”.The accumulation of previous work lays a foundation for the successful declaration of the base, and also points out the direction of all work after the establishment of the base.Professor Yu Xiaoyu led to declare “Shanghai high quality of innovation and enterprise development research center” approved by the Shanghai soft science research base, is a team Shanghai high levels of local colleges and universities focus on innovation “digital innovation management and governance” adhere to the “four dimensions” for many years, national and Shanghai big demand docking, root enterprise innovation practice, good business innovation story of thick accumulation,It is also a phased breakthrough in the solid accumulation of the school of Management and the first-class business department of Shanghai University in soft science research and social service.In the next step, the soft science research base of “Shanghai Enterprise Innovation and High-quality Development Research Center” will adhere to the requirements of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, adhere to the “four aspects”, open and cooperate with all parties, and do a good job in serving the government decision-making, creating an innovation platform, cultivating research teams and other work.Note: please be sure to indicate the source when reprinting the content of the article!This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: