Love qi, shi and nian feng

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By the winding if it brings fenghua river flood Shen Guangwen book rhyme culture hall breeze here is the stone Qi all-round construction “haishu new sitting room” to “ningbo southern new sitting room” race into across here is stone Qi here 1000 years gave birth to the ancestors of the stone Qi people today is January 4 small make up take you into the stone Qi enjoy its unique scenery scan the qr code, into the stone Qi Qi street,Located in the middle of the area.Tang built a mountain weir that housed xing Chun, commonly known as “shi qi”.1956 Construction township;In 1958, it was a satellite corporation;In 1961 it became a commune of Shiqi;It was converted to Shiqi Township in 1984;It converted shiqi Town in 1987;In May 2003, Shiqi Town was revoked and Shiqi Sub-district was created.It was originally a sub-district under the jurisdiction of Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, and was assigned to Haishu District in October 2016.Now the stone Qi street is located in the southern suburbs of ningbo fenghua river in the east, west to ningbo lishe international airport, an area of 34 km (built up area 9.3 square kilometers), presides over 15 administrative villages, eight communities (community) new gold seawall, a fishing club, the resident population of about 145000, floating population to register more than 89000 people.There are Ningbo Lishe International Airport, Ningbo Textile City, metro Line 2, metro Line 5 (under construction), Hangyong Expressway, around the city expressway, 214 provincial Highway, Yinxian Avenue, Yinzhou Avenue, airport highway through the area, the location is superior, convenient transportation, is one of the important “Windows” of Ningbo city.It is innovative, open and vibrant.Implementing a new service development pattern, Shiqi promoted industrial transformation and upgrading to enhance its core competitiveness with an innovation-driven and digital-savvy approach.Youngor factory 5G workshop Guangbo Group here people’s livelihood first, happy livable.Shiqi actively integrated into urban development to improve an industrial and livable environment.It has been awarded national ecological street and Ningbo Civilized Street.The culture here spreads, lingering flavor.Social and cultural undertakings developed vigorously and the people’s sense of gain and happiness increased.Magpie branches outside the window spring began, warm inside the family.Neighbor-warming activities of various forms can be carried out across Shiqi during the Spring Festival to bring a taste of “New Year” to residents.● Excellence · Zhangshui: Green scenery unforgettable, red spirit alive ● Excellence · Dragon View: Hide under the Mountain of Longcui and explore the beauty