A car accident lets her dress up as a princess, waking up and leaving with the king

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There are so many types of network novels, but you book friends fall in love with ancient Chinese novels. How much fate do you think this is?Hahaha!Speaking of which, I believe we can’t wait!So let’s get to the subject together!Today xiaobian to introduce you to “waste firewood rebellious: Princess Mums” a car accident let her dress into the princess, woke up with the king and from the first book: “waste firewood rebellious: Princess Mums” author: Step yu main line of content: “Waste firewood rebellious: Princess Mums” a car accident let her dress into the princess, woke up with the king and from the wonderful content:Wenqi dream like looking at him for a while, suddenly laughed, letter king letter king, he is not a toff in history, but a man of lofty ideals just for jiangshan ah.She smiled without warning, but Zhu replied with a smile: “The girl is so beautiful when she smiles.”Wenqi dream slowly received a smile, repeatedly sighed two tone: “I can’t think of ah, tang Xin Wang, also can molest a small woman on the street.””Flirting?”Zhu’s expression was rather tearless, “the girl misunderstood me, the king just wanted to discuss with the girl…”Before he finished, Wenqimeng put out her hand to stop him: “Your Highness King Xin, do you trust ghosts and spirits?””The king……””Your Highness king Shin,” Wen Qimeng interrupted him again, “you don’t have to tell me in such a hurry. When we meet again, you will.”We assure you?Zhu Yujian secretly smiled: “How did the girl know there was another day?”Wenqi dream meaningful smile smile, “because I can tell fortune.”She say that finish and line of a ceremony, then call Lin son walked, Wen Qi if the marriage is imminent, letter king Zhu By check also in the invitation list, how will not have another day?Wenqi dream is to see The mind of Zhu At this time, hanging him hanging what?This man, is to hang a point just go, after all, the king is a big shot, may also have a myriad of links with their own task, or can not so quickly hand over the bottom son.If when the time comes he knew that he is the literature home not favored big miss, whether will this want to discuss with her?She believed in the grace of the king and still wanted to have a try.(click below free reading) the second: “Qi Princess” author: You Charming Elegant demon wonderful content: seven incense went forward respectfully to help you with static installed a bowl of bird’s nest porridge, end to the hand of the static put down, and then respectfully back to the rear of the static waiting for orders.Jun to static looking at the front of the bird’s nest porridge, eyes a change, quickly return to normal, nothing.But her changes fall in the eyes of Yu Wenqi who has been following her. Yu Wenqi looks at the bird’s nest porridge in front of her and his face changes with it.”Qi xiang, you go to help this princess to see how prince Di is prepared, and ask him when to set out to visit the capital.”Jun with static looking at the eyes of the bird’s nest porridge cold voice command seven incense.”But…”Seven incense looked at the table of food, hesitantly answered.”How, this princess’s command all did not listen to, do you want to try the taste of the board.”Jun with static wait for her to finish, cold sound roar way.”It is.I’ll go now.”Qi Xiang turns back and runs outside, her face full of Yin and sneer.Jun with static looking at seven incense left, looking back at the light table top of the meal, “saffron, oleander, aconite……The same than the same poison ah!”It seems that she and that Yu Wenqi same people hate ah, if she is not a doctor, is really dead all don’t know what things, novels and TV really didn’t cheat ah, the palace is not a place to stay, so thinking, hit a cold shiver, and before the decision more resolute.(Click below to read for free) Third book: “Princess of Mixture” by Apple By Wonderful content: although yesterday the whole day was in a rather irritable mood, but in the evening, probably because the brain is in a high level of operation all day, so the night or quickly fell asleep.However, I found another backward place in ancient times, that is, the night is really quiet and very scary, dark night, let me, living in the 21st century, adapt to the bright and noisy night, find the quiet and dark night is unbearable.Although such an environment is better for improving sleep quality.I had to be cheeky and ask Yuchun to accompany me.Although her tear ducts are so developed, some people are better than none.The next day early in the morning, I was sleepy, but someone kept Shouting in my ear, I put the brocade quilt over my head, still can hear the voice of the bearer.I unbearable of sit up, glared at bearer: “exactly what matter, do not know disturb others sleep is very impolite behavior?””I have to inform you, princess, that someone from the Sha Fu has sent word that the doctor and the young lady will come to see her after breakfast.”Jade spring is very grievance of looking at me, tears again in the eyes, as if to fall down at any time.I looked at her as if I had done something unconscionable.The anger is gone.”Ah!Get up!”I helplessly sighed, should come sooner or later will come.I get out of bed, yu Chun came to help me dress.Although I am not used to, but who let me not wear such complicated clothes?It seems that clothes are also a big problem!She woke up dressed as a princess after a car accident and woke up with the king.If you have a better novel, please share with us!Don’t forget to leave your lovely footprints in the comments section!