With the “new” anti-epidemic | Weihui city to strengthen epidemic prevention and control efforts to ensure the safety of people’s lives

2022-06-12 0 By

The top news, henan business newspaper reporter Jin Ping Song Hongsheng intern Correspondent for the Spring Festival, li Juan asymptotic, epidemic prevention and control task more difficult, for days, xinxiang WeiHui municipal party committee, municipal government attaches great importance to the epidemic prevention and control work, take the “3455” execution of work, adhere to the “three full”, namely to carry out the “four reachs the designated position”, to promote “five hand in hand”, realize “five good”,All prevention and control measures should be tightened and strengthened to ensure the health and safety of the people.In the epidemic prevention and control work, the city’s county-level leaders have all sunk to the front line, and the supervision, inspection and command system has maintained efficient operation 24 hours a day.The city has set up centralized isolation sites in a comprehensive and standardized way, and has reformed all isolation sites and standardized disinfection operations in strict accordance with the requirements of “three areas and two channels” to ensure that there is no cross-infection at centralized isolation sites.Comprehensive propaganda and the epidemic prevention and control policy, through the “cloud WeiHui, weihui municipal public media, new media, such as epidemic prevention and control policies and announcements, make full use of the WeChat group, signs and banners launched a variety of ways, such as comprehensive propaganda, enhance the consciousness of the masses and epidemic prevention, further enhancing” outside the input line, to prevent the spread of the outbreak.According to reports, Weihui city fully implement the “four in place” work requirements, that is, the investigation and control of key personnel in place, according to the principle of “should be managed although, should be separated”, increase the investigation and control efforts of key personnel;The tracing of the regional investigation flow is in place. Led by the Public Security Bureau, the Government and Data Bureau, the Health Commission and other departments work together in a centralized manner to ensure that “no one is missing from the investigation”.Strict management of key places is in place, adhere to the overall strategy of “prevent importation from outside and prevent rebound from inside”, and strengthen control of high-risk places;Card points for epidemic prevention and control have been set up in place, the setting of card points has been standardized, and the control of card points in grassroots communities (villages) has been strengthened.At present, the city has set up 398 card points for epidemic prevention and control in villages, communities and courtyards in 13 towns, each of which has set up a temporary Party branch. 8,149 Party members and cadres participate in the guard of card points for epidemic prevention and control, conduct “three checks and one verification” for all migrants, and set up bookkeeping and registration.At the same time, Weihui actively promotes mechanism construction and coordination, party members and cadres take the lead and the masses respond, clear responsibility and the linkage of the upper and lower, comprehensive prevention and control and popularization of science and technology, prevention and control goals and the masses satisfaction.We will effectively carry out the five tasks of COVID-19 vaccination, humanistic care, reservation for returning home, public opinion monitoring and handling, and nucleic acid testing for all staff to fight the critical battle of epidemic prevention and control.