Tips on Gas Safety (7)

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Household gas is prohibited: it is forbidden to dismantle or change gas equipment and appliances without authorization.In case of demolition or alteration (such as decoration), gas installation and maintenance enterprises with corresponding qualifications shall be responsible for construction.If it is really necessary to move the fuel gas metering device and the facilities in front of the metering device, consent must be obtained from the fuel gas supply unit.No: it is not allowed to seal or install gas facilities such as gas pipelines, valves, flow meters and gas appliances in dark rooms.If installed inside wall, condole top inside, ark inside.And so on.No: it is not allowed to pile up sundries and people in the room where gas meters, valves and other facilities are installed.The use of natural gas room set table, kitchen, gas pipeline is equal to a room, once there is a leak, gas concentration is too high, due to lack of oxygen will make people suffocate, in the case of Mars will also lead to explosive combustion, therefore, the room with gas facilities can not be used as a bedroom.Four not allowed: not allowed in the gas pipeline concerned wire, rope hanging sundries.No: it is forbidden to open or close the public valve of gas pipeline without permission.No illegal use of fuel gas facilities, theft and diversion of fuel gas supply are prohibited.No: no houses or temporary structures are allowed to be built on natural gas pipelines.Because the pipeline to build houses or disorderly shanks piled debris, garbage and other pressure broken pipeline, not easy to check, pipeline maintenance, repair work, easy to cause gas leakage, natural gas will be from the sewer, and then into the room, causing accidents.