Spring breeze sends warm employment sends true feelings jidong: migrant workers take county special buses to work outside the province

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Picture: Migrant workers boarded the bus orderly.Guo-hua song was taken for further do a good job “six steady” “six protect”, concentrated to provide employment support for migrant workers, on February 13, 158 migrant workers in jidong county county people club bureau, under the unified arrangement of the 4 m jidong county “peer-to-peer” labor export special automobile, to Beijing, Qingdao, rongcheng, respectively, has realized the migrant workers “peer-to-peer” service delivery.At 8 o ‘clock, four jidong county “point to point” labor export special vehicles lined up in front of the county government.158 migrant workers from 11 towns across the county boarded the bus in an orderly manner under the guidance of staff.In order to make migrant workers
The “point-to-point” workers went to work as soon as possible. The county government hired four buses to provide free “point-to-point” labor export service, and bought masks, mineral water, bread, sausage and other things necessary for migrant workers during the journey
In order to ensure the stable employment of migrant workers, a one-stop service is provided for them to leave the house, get on the car and enter the factory.Zhou Yanbo, a migrant worker, told reporters that the county party committee, the county government and the county bureau of human resources and Social Security thought very thoughtful, sent a special car to send us these migrant workers free of charge, to solve the actual problems we buy tickets, waiting for the train, transfer and so on in the journey to and from the enterprise.According to statistics, jidong county has a total of surplus labor force of more than 30,000 people, scattered in Beijing, Qingdao, Shenzhen and other large and medium-sized cities to work every year, the annual economic income back to the hometown more than 1 billion yuan.For jidong County’s economy
Development and social progress have made outstanding contributions to rural revitalization.County people and social security bureau director MAO Youyuan told reporters that Jidong county organized “point-to-point” labor export service activities, is to solve the Spring Festival travel peak period out of business
It is difficult for migrant workers to buy tickets. I hope they can safely, conveniently and smoothly arrive at their jobs. I also hope they can make a success of their studies and return to their hometown.On the bus about to start, the migrant workers said in unison, goodbye Jidong, goodbye my hometown;Goodbye Jidong. We’re going home loaded.Reporter Wang Wenli