Ren Ziwei won the men’s 1,000m gold medal in his favorite orange boots and received a special wechat message before the final

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Ren Ziwei wore his orange skates to win his first Olympic gold medal in an individual event in the men’s 1,000m in Beijing tonight.Those who know Him well know that if they see orange skates on the rink, they are basically His.The orange skates are one of His signature skates, and all of His skates have been orange since he joined the national team.He chose orange because he thought it would bring him good luck.Today’s short track speed skating men’s 1000m race in the Winter Olympic Games, from the quarterfinals to the semifinals, the final, it can be said that the situation is frequent, almost every race after the referee repeatedly watch the video of the race, and almost every race has a penalty.In this chaos, Ren ziwei fought his way to the top of the podium in this event.He also received a special wechat message before the match.The wechat message was sent by Wang Beiming, Ren’s first coach.Originally, Wang Beiming did not want to send a message to Ren Ziwei, but after repeated ideological struggles, he still could not resist.Wang Beiming took Ren Ziwei under his guidance for 10 years. He had found Ren Ziwei in the boundless crowd and brought him to the ice rink to start his short track speed skating training, so he knew Ren Ziwei very well.Wang Beiming said, “I know Ren Ziwei very well. He is a tiger and can’t control his strength, so I sent him a message to tell him to do a good job warming up and stretching to prevent injury.In addition, let him be sure to rest early, only a good rest, can have energy to play the following game.”Ren Ziwei suffered two serious injuries during his career, one in his left foot and the other in his right foot.Details determine success or failure, let alone high-level battles, any small link is not done well, will affect the result of the game.After Ren Ziwei won the men’s 1,000m gold medal tonight, his teammate Wu Dajing gave his thumbs up to Ren Ziwei and gave his best wishes at the first time, “Congratulations to The Chinese team, Congratulations to Ren Ziwei for winning the gold medal, I am happy for him as a teammate.Our technical and tactical cooperation on the pitch is very good, very tacit understanding.Source: Thoughtful Shanghai