Municipal Government Affairs Management Service Bureau held 2021 annual reporting summary commendation conference

2022-06-12 0 By

On January 27, Yiyang Government Affairs Management Service bureau held 2021 annual report summary and recognition conference, bureau Party secretary, director Xiao Juan chaired the meeting and speech, the second level inspector Mo Cangzhou attended the meeting, bureau Party members, the department (center) all stem staff to attend the meeting.The meeting will be held in the form of “sharing and commenting”. The heads of all departments (centers) will report on the completion of the key work in 2021, summarize the achievements and problems of the work in the past year, and plan the work in 2022.Attend a meeting personnel to report duty circumstance, the working circumstance that all cadre worker comes one year undertook assessment.Xiao Juan pointed out that 2021 is a milestone year for the city’s government affairs management and service work. The overall positioning of the overall optimization of business government affairs environment has achieved remarkable results in grasping key work, which has been highly recognized and recognized by all levels of society.She also shared three insights with the participants: first, “struggle is the most beautiful gesture, the pace is the best measurement.”Second, we should streamline administration with the people in mind.Third, “Climb high and look far, know long mountains.”She demanded, one, absolute loyalty.Second, we must be persistent.Third, work hard.Fourth, we need to form synergy.She stressed that in the New Year, the overall situation should often do “addition”, strengthen the Party spirit to improve ability;Can do “subtraction”, reduce resistance to pressure;Good at “multiplication”, by the advantage of cohesion;Do more “division”, change the style of work to stimulate vitality, for the city’s business and government environment comprehensive optimization service Yiyang economic and social development to make new contributions.The meeting also commended 13 advanced individuals, and arranged the relevant key work around the Spring Festival.