Meet in the “cloud” in the year of the Tiger

2022-06-12 0 By

The Spring Festival for Chinese people, has a special meaning, but there are always some figures, stick to the line and distance.”I would like to thank all of you for your outstanding contribution to the development of China Classification Society. I would like to pay high tribute to all the staff and their families who have stayed at their posts during the epidemic.Leaders of the Ministry of Transport also ask us to give you good wishes.I wish you good health, happiness, success in your work and all the best in the Year of the Tiger.”On Jan 30, the China Classification Society (CCS) held two “cloud” gatherings ahead of the Upcoming Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger.President Sun Feng and Secretary Li Changjian made a video call with nearly 80 overseas employees in more than 30 countries (regions) around the world to talk about their work experience and inner feelings under the COVID-19 epidemic, share the joy of their career progress in the past year, and talk about their dreams and expectations for the New Year.Since 2020, in the face of the huge impact of COVID-19 and the complex and severe environment, CCS personnel living abroad have stuck to their posts and fulfilled their duties, providing strong guarantee for the smooth flow of the global logistics chain and the transportation of important materials in China, becoming the most beautiful counterparty.They were exposed to a great risk of infection, but they kept moving forward with a strong sense of responsibility and patriotism in their hearts.They bear exceptionally heavy inspection tasks, but always dare to fight dare to fight, rely on the persistent “urgent customer urgent, think customer think” service belief;They have been working under high load for a long time, carrying out inspection tasks day in and day out, but they have never complained, relying on the dedication to fulfill the mission and live up to the great trust;Because of the epidemic, they have not returned to China for many years to take a holiday and reunite with their families. They cannot be filial in front of the bed of the elderly or play with their children, but they always smile and bury their cares and guilt in their hearts. They rely on the family and country feelings of “giving up their small family to care for everyone”.Their body shows the “three cows” spirit of ox, pioneer ox and ox, showing positive spiritual outlook, good overall situation and noble spirit of dedication!Busan branch surveyor London office surveyor Stockholm office ISM/ISPS/MLC ship three certificate initial audit Bangkok office surveyor we said, this connection fully felt the warmth and strength of the motherland, feel from the ministry leadership and leadership of the care and love.In the New Year, we will redouble our solidarity, cooperation, hard work and dedication to promote the high-quality development of China Classification Society and contribute wisdom and strength to the comprehensive building of the world-class China Classification Society.