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Comrades, comrades and friends: As the law of the New Year changes, everything takes on a new look.Bid farewell to a full 2021, and welcome a 2022 full of vision and continuous struggle.On the occasion of the arrival of the Spring Festival of The year of Renyin, ON behalf of the Party Committee of the Public Security Bureau of Xihe County, I would like to extend holiday greetings and best wishes to all the public security auxiliary police, civil servants, workers, armed police, head of public security household and their families who have been fighting on the public security front for a long time!I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the leaders at all levels, all sectors of society and the general public who have been caring for, helping and supporting the public security work.I would like to pay high tribute to the civil Auxiliary police who are still on the job during the festival.Years do not live, Benedict line is not idle.Looking back on the past year, we are still calm with the confidence of “turbulent cloud flying”.Dispelling the historical cloud, arouses the lofty ambition of “the public security heart to the Party and escort the new journey” in the study and education of party history;He has the courage to make his own revolution and has accumulated the strong force of “strong desire and strong spirit” in the training of the staff.We shouldered our responsibilities and missions, followed the principle of putting the people first and safety first, faithfully performed our duties and worked tirelessly to ensure security and stability in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Founding of the CPC.Dare to strong-arm reaction attack, solid foundation to carry out the “card”, “net net”, “net”, “kunlun”, “one hundred – day engines” and a series of special operation, continuous current kills all solved for many years, eight major criminal case detection rate of 100%, “pornography” fully contain security problem, telecom fraud against governance implementation phase,No major road traffic accidents occurred, and we worked hard to make urban and rural areas safer and the people more tranquil.New stories push each other, pass from generation to generation.Looking back at the pace of struggle, we with “thousands of mill hit hard” perseverance.On the journey of consolidating and expanding the achievements in poverty alleviation and comprehensively promoting rural revitalization, the police have been running day and night.When the new round of the epidemic hit, the people auxiliary police wind and rain, magnificent retrograde;Police station auxiliary running in thousands of households, commenting on the eternal worry;Patrol shuttle in the streets and alleys, take sonorous firm pace;Interpol across the mountains and rivers, highlighting the fearless courage to bear;Traffic police wandering in the street network, depicting the flow of peace notes;Narcotics police hidden in the pass card point, willing to be the dedication of the unsung hero;Prison auxiliary police every time, the window auxiliary police every moment of warm reception, support auxiliary police fighting in the tide of data, comprehensive auxiliary police knocking lonely keyboard……;At this moment, there are still many comrades to give up reunion, stick to the line, ready to prepare;It is the protection of the day and night, guarding the bright lights of the reunion and peace;It is the dribs and drabs of accumulation, accumulation into fireworks gorgeous happiness and peace.The past is the future.Looking ahead to the New Year, we will be determined to “stay firm and never relax”.Exalted jinping new age the mind the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, earnestly study and implement xi thought of rule of law, fully implement the party’s nineteenth spirit and the 19th session of the previous session, further implement the working conference of political science and law at all levels and the public security bureau chief conference spirit, stick to ministries and agencies “1351” overall mentality and “top ten” work system,Earnestly implement the county, the county and city bureau party committee decision deployment, strive to carry forward the spirit of the great founding a nuclear leading, constantly strengthen the “strong police reform, innovation driven” two engines, concentrated to promote “political” shield “, risk ’embankments, hit the “sword”, safety’ cofferdam, tamper base builded, development ‘escort’ “six projects,Continue to improve the “social governance, team building, performance evaluation” three systems, focus on building “community policing ‘professional’, data empowerment ‘intelligent’, cultural education police ‘localized’, talent police ‘systematic’, for the people service ‘data'” five brands.Completely-new, in the struggle, hard work, yong yi, perseverance, for a long time for work, with “” the world’s aggressive,” seize every minute drive “, “line will be to” resilience, thin the waves to sail, work together to cast glory, with excellent grades to meet the victory at the party’s 20, on the road of a new place to hand over to be loyal irresponsible people’s satisfaction answer!Finally, I wish you all the best, good health, happiness and success in your work in the New Year!Deputy county magistrate of the government, Party Secretary of the County Public Security Bureau, Director: Song Yaping January 31, 2022 (New Year’s Eve of Xin Chou) Supervised production | Audit | Cheng Liang | Editor wu Yaqiong | Dynasty release | Xihe Public Security Rong Media Center