From zero to teach you settle in Shanghai social security income tax FAQ

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“From zero” series is summed up by 10 years of experience in settling down abroad teachers, from the settlement qualification to the application process, including the whole process of settling down in Shanghai, to help you can DIY application for settling down in Shanghai, do not ask for people, really realize the freedom of settling down!This issue “from zero settlement”, the main content is to explain the settlement qualification: social security tax FAQ!At present, it is required to start from social security base 10338 and pre-tax salary 10338 (1.5 times is required to start from 15507) * It is expected that starting from July 2022, the 1 times base will be raised to about 11500 (1.5 times base will be adjusted to about 17500) · For the same company,Continuous payment of social security tax in June or December · Income tax and social security base need to be reasonably matched · Can not leave during the audit period, and social security income tax need to maintain and meet the latest requirements 02 Social security income tax 3 major application categories: one is: no social security restrictions, the month to apply for residency (limited to foreign high-level university doctor) the other is:Same unit, double base, social security and tax for six months in a row the third is: the same unit, 1.5 times the base, to pay social security and income tax for 12 months in a row * note: at the same time, also want to meet the reasonable matching of social base and a tax – please click to view their own social security tax category 3 common problem & solution 1 how to query their social security base?→ Click to view social security base query tutorial ←2 How to query your individual income tax records?When will the social security base be adjusted in 2022?What is the estimate?① The base of the 2022 social security will be adjusted in July every year (starting from 2020), and the increase will generally be between 9-13%.② In July 2022, the social security base of 1 times is expected to be about 11500 (1.5 times students multiplied by 1.5).4 Shanghai social security every month a few cut-off?The deadline for joining social security online system every month is 4pm on 26th of every month (in case of weekends and holidays, advance).The social security fee of last month will be deducted on the 10th of next month.For example, Xiaoming started to work in company A in April, 2012, and started to pay social security from April, so the HR of the company needs to complete the online enrollment of Xiaoming before 4pm on April 26, 2020.More than 2022.4.26 at 4 PM can not be handled, can only follow up to pay (pay social security settlement is not recognized) 5 on the social security base adjustment (can be adjusted at will?Who can adjust?How do you adjust it?Strictly speaking, the social security base can not be adjusted at will.② It can be adjusted with the consent of the company.←* Note: The social security base is linked to your salary, so be sure to talk about your social security base as well as your salary before you start your job.6 whether social security individual tax missed payment can be paid?Whether does fill capture have effect to settle?① You can make up the payment.(2) There is an impact, the supplementary payment of social security will lead to social security accumulation, delay the application cycle of household registration.Can you pay social security for me during my study abroad, when I return to China or when I am unemployed?It is not recommended to pay social security and individual income tax on behalf of others, which is illegal and may lead to the rejection of hukou application.* Note: If the settlement has already occurred, it should be stopped as soon as possible, and relevant materials and perfect explanatory documents should be prepared for review before applying for household registration.←8 Other questions 1) Is it enough for the individual income tax for social security to meet the conditions for 6 months?Of course, it is not enough. Only after meeting the 6-month social security individual income tax data, can one be eligible to submit the settlement examination. During the examination process, the social security individual income tax should continue to meet the latest requirements and be paid in the current company.2) Can individual income tax be calculated on average?Not ok, the individual tax that every month income corresponds should reach standard ability to go.3) at the same time there are more than one company tax returns affect settlement?May affect settle, but should see specific circumstance treats.4) The current company has paid social security for 6 months, can I change jobs to apply for a new company?No, you need to stay with the same company until you get your hukou.5) Does it have to be with the first company?No restrictions on the first company, the subsequent new job to meet the social security income tax requirements can also be settled.6) Does social security paid during the probation period count?As long as the probation period of social security and income standards, can count.7) Can I settle in two cities if I pay social security at the same time?(e.g. Beijing and Shanghai at the same time) no.8) Have not graduated, pay social security ahead of schedule or affect settle?It doesn’t affect residency, but it doesn’t count.9) Can I settle in online social security (such as MAYi)?Can’t.Not lax outbreak Welcome home quarantine not shutdown DMS comments ~ this period “from zero in” call it a day, if the tax of social security have not understand place welcome friends comment area ~ next up: in bill of materials if you are overseas students in Shanghai still have doubts on this welcome direct messages comments, we will with professional to help you