Fang Da carbon: The New Year is full of vigor and vitality

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Fangda Carbon: With the footsteps of spring, fangda Carbon, a strong carbon enterprise in the world, ushered in new development and started a new journey.From the recently released 2021 performance notice learned that the company is expected to achieve net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in 2021 1.047 billion yuan – 1.262 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 91.33% – 130.60%.Good news heartening, so that in the festive atmosphere of the company’s cadres and employees add joy.During the Spring Festival, the company produces and celebrates both festivals. Many employees who stick to their posts convey a different flavor of The New Year with responsibility, dedication and dedication, showing the huhu vitality of working and starting a business.Gladly to meet the New Year in order to carry forward the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, create a happy and peaceful festive atmosphere, inspire cadres battle 2022 employees work enthusiasm, on the eve of the Spring Festival party big carbon units is positive action, and everyone hanging red light, stick couplets, hanging mascot and ribbons, etc., let the factory inside and outside is permeated with thick atmosphere of Spring Festival.At the same time, the company’s Spring Festival activities have also been staged.The company carries out the 2022 Spring Festival Couplets collection for all employees.More than 100 Spring Festival couplets were collected within half a month.These pairs, compiled by the staff themselves, are full of positive energy and add a little cultural flavor to the Year of the Tiger.The company’s processing plant organized more than 60 employees held a Spring Festival chess game activities.Poker matches take the form of drawing lots, players from each workshop battle wits and courage;Checkers competition takes the form of team combat, you come and go, small chess and cards jumping cheerful notes…The whole competition is full of harmony and joy.In the company press factory welcome the New Year activity scene, “through the minefield” “a circle to the end” “Qi Mei stick” “invincible wind fire wheel” and other games one after another, during which also interwoven songs, poetry recitation and other programs, the competition scene applause, cheers, refueling sound.Don’t forget safety during holidays.First company has launched a 10-day first ehs comprehensive examination, to “criticise us” harder to find security problems existing in the environmental protection work, don’t pass every hidden trouble, resolutely eliminate every risk points, ensure employees spend a peaceful festival festival, ensure company production safety bureau, a good step.Huhu Shengwei opened a new bureau recently, fang Carbon won the “Gansu province labor relations harmonious enterprise” honorary title.This is another provincial honor for the company in the management of employee labor relations. It is also a rich reward for the company to adhere to the principle of “win-win” between enterprise development and employee interests and strive to build harmonious and stable labor relations for a long time.Enterprise development, employees benefit.The cadres and staff of the company are riveting their energy, fighting in all areas of the enterprise, contributing to the development of the enterprise.During the festival, the production site is a busy scene, machinery and equipment at full speed production.”This is my 13th Spring Festival on the job.I was envious when I saw others celebrating the Spring Festival with their families, but I felt it was worth it to stick to my post in order to have a good start for the New Year’s production.”During the Spring Festival, Lin Xiaoyi, the maintenance supervisor of the production department of the company, not only checked the regional equipment one by one to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment, but also installed the fence at the no. 2 crossing of haishiwan South Railway special transport line in his spare time with the close cooperation of the team fitters and welders to ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles.Graphitization is a key process in the production of fangda carbon graphite electrode.At the beginning of the New Year, graphite chemical sequence added a new staff safety “artifact” – intelligent positioning system.The system runs successfully for a month, effectively ensures the safety of employees, and the safety management work reaches a new level.At the same time, Fangda Carbon seize the market opportunity, improve production equipment, solve the bottleneck of anode material production, optimize the production plan, accelerate the improvement of different kinds of anode material process production capacity, to adapt to the market demand, seize the anode material market laid a solid foundation.Not long ago, experts from Lanzhou University, Northwest Normal University, Lanzhou University of Technology and Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences reviewed the large carbon composite modified artificial spherical graphite anode material at the new product expert review meeting held by the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology.The members of the evaluation group agreed that the product reached the leading level in China, and agreed to record the new product.The product has high innovation degree, mature technology, good market application, well received by users, economic benefits, social benefits, ecological and environmental benefits.Related management personnel of the company said that the company’s technology research and development personnel work together to overcome difficulties, constantly find gaps, fill short boards, stabilize production and improve efficiency, to the market to benefit, for the company’s high-quality development of good policies, set up new work.On the company’s sales front, too, the good news continues.In January this year, the company overcame the adverse factors such as the few days of delivery and the rebound of the epidemic in many places in China, and completed the shipment of domestic sales electrodes more than planned, laying a good foundation for the company’s production and operation to achieve a “good start”.On the occasion of the Spring Festival, fang Da Group launched the preferential air ticket welfare policy “gift package”, which doubled the happiness of all the staff of Fang Da Carbon.The development concept of “Fangda develops for employees, depends on employees, and the development achievements of Fangda are shared by employees” has once again been vividly interpreted.On the eve of the Spring Festival, the company’s chairman Dang Xijiang, general manager Qiu Zongyuan, party secretary Xu Peng, with the care and greetings of fang Wei, chairman of the board of Directors of Fang Da Group, sent the care and warmth of the company to the seriously ill employees and party members, encouraging them to build up confidence and take good care of their health.On January 24, Dang Xijiang, Xu Peng and Zhang Wei visited the staff of Fangda Carbon at the front line of Dongxiang County and sent them gifts and wishes for the Spring Festival, encouraging them to implement industrial projects and ensure the completion of the annual target.On the first day of the first lunar month, Dang Xijiang and others went into the factory to visit frontline employees in production workshops, teams, guard duty posts, fire brigades and staff catering centers.”I hope you will make persistent efforts and gather strong strength to overcome difficulties and fight for 2022.In the New Year, we will make good achievements. We will conquer one hill every month just like we did in war, and accumulate small victories into big ones and achieve fruitful results.””Said Dang Xijiang.Standing at a new starting point, the cadres and staff of Fangda Carbon will seize the opportunity, gather strength and strong momentum to show the style of Fangda people in the new era with labor, and promote the innovative development and high-quality development of the enterprise with solid work.