4 message!Okafor resumed training, three years discharged, Shandong abandoned Liu Guancen, big C business activities

2022-06-12 0 By

Okafor is recovering in Shanghai today, with his trainer.It is worth mentioning that the trainer also released a special training video of Okafor.In terms of training, Okafor has been trained in core, basket and back play, which is also to improve his overall aggression around the basket.As far as the video is concerned, Okafor is really strong, that’s ok, hopefully he can give enough help to Hu chin-chu.Meanwhile, Liao has been discharged from hospital, but he is still unable to train.After all, it was only after the facial surgery, liao will have a period of recuperation.Of course, there is no definite date for his return, but he will definitely be available next season.As for Liao Sanning will not have sequelae or a problem, to see whether to wear a mask to play.Anyway liao sanning is very important to the North control, his potential has been fully demonstrated in this season.Liu Guancen has been abandoned by Shandong.In the middle and late stages of the second period, Liu did not play for three consecutive games, and in the last game against Shanxi, Liu only played one minute.Liu is averaging 14.6 minutes per game this season, the lowest in the last five seasons.Liu guancen is likely to go out on loan after that because he can’t get enough opportunities in Shandong.Actually in Shanxi, Liu Guancen has shown a good value.Wu Changze attended the business activities.Because according to the exposure of the photos, Wu Changze in his hometown appeared in the amateur competition.It is worth mentioning that there is an appearance fee for this competition, and the profit of this competition is almost 300,000 yuan, which is really good.Of course it’s nice to play in the off-season and get back in shape and then stay in shape for a while without any injuries.