Why can Gu Qingyu find a job quickly after leaving?General Zhao’s scheme

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“Heart house” is directed by Magnolia best director Teng Huatao, Hai Qing, Tong Yao, Zhang Songwen starring, Feng Shaofeng invited starring family emotional drama of the new era.The plot of gu Qingyu’s workplace fighting in the drama, although not much, can have a predictable workplace such as battlefield.Charlie found Gu Qingyu company, take out the recording of shiyuan and Cindy transaction and Cindy to Shiyuan transfer 500,000 records, pointed out that Gu Qingyu is using him, let her husband Shi Yuan got the case.Gu Qingyu was confused, but also declared that he did not do this kind of thing.Charlie said he would take the matter to the CBRC and left in a huff.At that time there is a little very curious, Gu Qingyu lost such a big case, and this “betrayal” of things, as her leadership, Zhao did not show a special angry.When Charlie angrily criticized Qingyu, Zhao did not help him. He just said that he believed Gu Qingyu’s character and asked Qingyu to resign in order to explain to the headquarters and Shanghai company.Gu Qingyu became his soldier again, and the doubt was resolved. This was actually his plan.Qing Yu resigned, rest not long, her assistant found her, told her that the company invited her, and give the conditions are very wrong.Qing Yu began to hesitate, after all, and the company made unhappy, but when learned that the new boss is Zhao, she did not hesitate to accept the invitation.This also understood why Zhao was not angry with Qing Yu at that time, and did not plead for her.Zhao must have planned to change his company long ago.He has been very appreciate Qing Yu, Qing Yu is his right hand man, he went, to take Qing Yu is very normal, after all, to the new company, need to take results to speak, so Qing Yu was smeared, in the middle of his mind, he would let Qing Yu leave.And Qing Yu will not blame him, after all things really make quite big.And now Zhao and qing Yu olive branch, Qing Yu nature is very grateful, even after knowing Zhao’s plan, there is no reason to complain about Zhao, because she may be on the industry blacklist, unable to establish a foothold in the industry.”Heart” gu Qingyu’s workplace play is not a lot, she is in the industry investment bank, although far away from ordinary people, ordinary people do not know much, but also know from her words, the competition is very fierce, are cut head forward.It took Gu Qingyu 20 years to get to his current position.Gu dad said qing Yu just began to work, always overtime, almost no day on time home.Therefore, Gu Qingyu’s career is not easy, but she has gone through the fight, and now become more comfortable.Although the plot of the workplace is not much, but also reflects the cruelty of the workplace from the side.Image source network